Pregnancy magazine looking for first time pregnant ladies.

Want to learn from a professional about how to cover those greys at home?

I'm looking for a women who has quite a spattering of grey hair who would
like to learn how to successfully colour it at home for a feature in a glossy women's magazine.

The lucky lady would get to attend a pampering photo shoot where she would
have a consultation with a professional colourist who would then dye her
hair for her, talking her through all the tricks she can apply when doing it
herself at home.

She'd get professional photos taken of her new look plus receive a £25
voucher as a thank you for giving up her time. 

If this sounds like you and you'd be free to attend a photo shoot in London
on June 14th (travel expense paid) please be in touch with:

- Your personal details (age, location, job etc)
- Why you'd like to have the makeover
- A photo in which we can clearly see your hair colour
- A contact number

Please email jessicapowell[dot]freelance[at]gmail[dot]com by 08/06/11


Do you have a lovely story of friendship?

A top glossy magazine is looking for a lovely story about two friends (women) where one did something really amazing for the other in terms of romance. So the kinds of stories might be:
- I found her a husband
- I let her date my ex – she married him
- I dumped him for her
- I canceled my wedding day for her
- I paid for her honeymoon

Anything along those lines where the one made a sacrifice or went out of their way to help the other find happiness in love/sacrificed their relationship for their friend for whatever reason.

The women need to be between 20-40. Their story would only be about 200 words so not too much detail (or time taken up to put it together). They would also need to have their photos taken at a shoot but they'd be paid £100 to attend.

If you're interested in getting involved please email me on jessicapowell dot freelance at gmail dot com with a bit about your story, a photo and your phone number.


A top UK glossy magazine is looking for women to send in their photos of the moment they found body confidence and to share the stories behind them.

Maybe when you were pregnant you learnt to love a curvy figure and gained newfound respect for your body that you've held onto? Perhaps you're a sports lover and reached your physical peak after training for an event? Or maybe you pampered your way to your wedding day and felt you looked so stunning on it that you have kept up a new health/beauty regime since?

Any moment in your life that gave you happiness and confidence in your body (that you've held onto) would work - along with a pic showing that time.

If you'd like to get involved in this inspiring feature please email your photo and a couple of lines about your story to jessica dot powell at redwoodgroup dot net. She is looking forward to hearing from you!


Would you and your partner like to improve your health? A top glossy women's magazine is looking for a couple (in their 30s or 40s) who would like to complete a health assessment to find out about areas of their health they need to improve - and to get advice on how. You'll share your story of making some tweaks to your lifestyle and the difference it makes.

If you're interesting in finding out more, email with yours and your partner's details, a bit about your current health, your contact number, and a recent photo of you together.


A top women's glossy magazine is looking for case studies of women who have
overhauled their image.

Maybe you've lost a bit of weight, changed your haircut, bought a new
wardrobe etc.

If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you to share your
inspirational transformation story in the magazine.

Please email with a bit about your story,
your contact details (including phone number) and a before and after photo.


A top women's glossy magazine is looking for case studies of women who have
got themselves into a significant amount of debt but managed to get back out
of it.

However you built up your debt and however you've worked your way out of it
we'd love to hear from you to share your inspirational story in the


How will you educate your children about sex?
A national magazine is looking to speak to parents of children of all ages about sex education for a feature on the topic. We want to know how early you plan to start educating your child about their body and sex? Whether you're embarrassed about talking to your children about sex? If your child is already in school, what the sex education they receive there is like? And whether you think it could be better?
If you'd be willing to give your opinions please contact and include your phone number. It
would be great to hear your opinions on this very important topic.

 Did you get the nesting instinct?

Pregnancy & birth magazine is looking to chat to pregnant women/new mums (or dads) who got bit by the nesting bug during pregnancy. Did you go cleaning mad? Maybe you bought tonnes of baby gear and spent hours setting up your nursery? Or perhaps you went as far as moving house to create the perfect home for your newborn?

We’d love to hear all your wacky, wonderful and funny stories about nesting during pregnancy. Or what your other half did if it was them that went mad! Don’t worry, they don’t have to be out of this world – just any little stories/habits you’d like to share.

Email jessicapowell (dot) freelance (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested in getting involved with a bit about your story and your contact number and tell her you saw t her enquiry on my blog. She may ring you for a quick chat to find out more! But it won’t take up much of your time.

It would be great to hear from anyone who really didn’t feel the nesting instinct at all too!


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