Wife, mother, blogger, Cybher and CyberMummy founder , pr and social media addict.

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Written by Sian To, Mummy-Tips is an award winning Cision top 20 blog. I have over 9000 followers on Twitter and can also be found blogging at Geekisnewchic.com and my  London Underground tunnel photography project at LondonUndergroundLover. Mummy-Tips has DA32 & PA44 and I have a Klout score of 55..

I love working with brands but I don't publish press releases, sponsored posts or paid links. I do accept display advertising and review products if they are relevant to me and my family. 

I provide a paid consultation service for brands wanting to work effectively with bloggers and influencers and I have worked with many leading brands and pr agencies. 
If you would like to get in touch please email me in the first instance.

Mummy-Tips began in 2009 as a product review blog before morphing into a tale of modern life at a hundred miles an hour. Four children, a husband on the cusp of realising his dream as a fashion designer and a full time business.... perfect timing to throw another project into the mix?

In 2010 I launched CyberMummy, the first blogging conference of it's kind to hit the UK. It was conceived (as many great plans are), during a merry drinking session in Chicago with a journalist who was soon to become my business partner. We returned to the UK, hooked up with another prolific blogger and jumped in with both feet. Our first conference in July 2010 was a huge success. 

Then came Blogladesh....
A couple of weeks after CyberMummy10 I had a call from Save the Children. They wanted to use 'real' mums rather than celebrities to front their latest campaign and they wanted me. Of course I jumped at the chance. 
Less than a month later, I was on the other side of the world - in Bangladesh witnessing the essential, life saving work that Save the Children do.
The Blogladesh campaign was a huge success, reaching over 10 million people on Twitter as well as crossing into traditional media with appearances on ITN and BBC news and printed coverage across national media titles that reached over 75 million people.
Blogladesh caused such a stir that I was asked to represent Save the Children at  the United Nations summit in New York where I had the opportunity to engage directly with world leaders. I blogged the UN trip for the Guardian and the ITN news network.

Blogladesh was a finalist in the 2011  MediaGuardian Innovation awards.

At the end of 2011, in need of a new challenge I launched Cybher - the first all female blogger event in the UK. The first conference took place in May this year and was a landslide success. The #Cybher hashtag reached over 5.2 million people in just 48 hours as people continued to buzz about what has undeniably been THE blogger event of the year.

Never one to rest... a week after Cybher, I flew off to Niger with World Vision to report on the devastating food crisis that is crippling West Africa. The aim of the trip was to get people talking - now - before it's too late. DFID, the UK aid department for International Development, promised to match every £ donated to the World Vision West Africa appeal if my trip, #ShareNiger could demonstrate an online reach of 40,000 people. We blew that figure out of the water, passing a reach of 2 million people before my plane touched down in Niger.
#ShareNiger reached over 9 million people online and was backed up with an amazing interview on CNN Global World News as well as many stories in the UK.

If you are a brand looking to work with bloggers but don't know where to begin. Please get in touch about my outreach campaigns. I have an extensive database of bloggers and influencers and the knowledge to match you with the right ones with you for a cost effective rate.

You can also find me blogging at Geekisnewchic.com


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