Thursday, 12 February 2015

CozyGlo Nightlights Need Your Help

I love the idea of crowdsourced funding and I've dipped my toe into a few tech projects like this ZX Spectrum remake but until this week I'd not come across a pitch in the nursery industry. 

It's so refreshing to see such humble, dynamic, enthusiasm in bringing a product into the industry that I've worked in for the last sixteen years, that I'm throwing this out there in the hope that you, my readers will feel inspired enough to get behind them too.

Enter CozyGlo, the cute, multi-purpose nightlight that's set to rock the block. It will be available in the three cool designs below, Pappa Penguin, Beatrice the Rescue Dog and Colonel Comfort. 

CozyGlo Night Lights

Featuring a thermometer, stopwatch, clock, countdown light timer, dimmer and light alarm. Each character can be battery powered or plugged into the mains.

CozyGlo Features

But CozyGlo need your help to bring this fab product to market. They need £7000 for each mould in order to put the lights into production and if they exceed their crowdfunding target, the money raised will go towards their first bulk order.

Over on their Born crowdfunding page they are offering a range of gifts and incentives to get involved at this early stage and you can even bag yourself one of the first run of nightlight's at a fraction of the retail price, just for giving them a helping hand to make their product dream a reality.

And you know what they say.... a good deed goes a long way. Karma and all that...

Here's how you can help..
Follow CozyGlo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Stop by their website and share this post with all your friends that might be interested in this awesome new product.

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  1. I think crowdfunding is the way forward for small businesses , and these go lights are very cute.


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