Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How to do a French Drop Plait

I know that we promised to make our hair tutorials a regular thing and it's about time we got around to posting another one! This is a two minute tutorial on how to do a French Drop Plait.

Enjoy - and please do let me know how you get on!


  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona)8 August 2013 at 01:43

    And it works just as you demonstrate it here, now Clio's favourite style. Thank you.

  2. Fantastic! Loved it!

  3. Need to try this on Isabelle's hair, hope it works on curly hair too. looks amazing.

  4. wow you made that look so simple. I have been trying to do a normal french plait in my toddlers hair and just can't seem to work out how and get all in a muddle. Must try this! Thanks for sharing! x


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