Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Kitsch Retro Deer and Kids Room Inspiration : Pinterest

I've been quietly enjoying myself on Pinterest, since it launched in beta a couple of years ago. I see Pinterest as my personal space. It's free from just about everything I do on any of my other networks and that's just how I like it. It works for me. Especially at 4am when I can't sleep!

I've been working on a couple of new boards for the last few weeks, that I'm finally ready to share.

If you aren't on Pinterest yet, or would like some tips to help you pin better, have a read of the Pinterest for Bloggers session post over on Claire's blog. It was one of the most commented about sessions at Cybher this year, and well worth a read.

You can find me at

Kitsch Retro Deer

What can I say? My life just wasn't complete before I created this rather special board. It makes me happy.

Kids Room Inspiration

Cool and funky ideas for all over the house.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Gallery : My Inspirational Women

When I first started blogging there was this huge misconception from my 'real world friends' that relationships formed online, through blogging and social media, were at best, sordid and at worst, down right bizarre.

I spent hours, in those early days, trying to explain, to those friends, that Twitter wasn't just about telling the world what you'd had for your tea, (though in an odd, totally out of character coincidence, I actually did tweet about fish fingers earlier) weird. 

Anyway. This isn't about me, it's about a group of  amazing Inspirational Women, that I'm celebrating for week 145 of The Gallery.

Cybher Inspirational Women

 Jay, Erica, Sarah, Tara, Lizzie and Claire. 

My friends, who support and abuse me in equal measure. 
They don't judge me.
They ALWAYS believe in me and my ability to pull a miracle out of the bag. 

But what I don't think they realise is just how much they inspire me, each and every day. 

I'm not sure #why? or how but they all rock.


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