Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Together : The Gallery

This is me, aged 12, taken on holiday in Cornwall...the year was 1984.

I din't speak to my parents much that year, or the next, or the next and in all honesty I didn't really speak to them much at all in the years after 1984. 

Sian To
Me - aged 12 in 1984. Already bang into The Smiths and with a face to match. 

I don't know why, but I do know that look on my face because I see it every day when my own daughter looks back at me.

When I see that look... I hope, with all my heart that she is bigger, better and stronger than I have managed to be in my life and I hope more than anything that she manages to secure that bond with her sister and that they are there for each other.... together... forever...

Annabel Karmel Princess Cookbook
Photo of my girls as seen in the Annabel Karmel Princess Cookbook

For The Gallery over on Tara Lara's epicness... She's be the real No 1 Mummy Blogger to those who've been around long enough to know what shit sticks.... 



  1. LOL... we totes crossed comment then - with the same comment!

  2. What you said about your daughters made me cry. I have the same wishes. I have not had the best of relationship with my brother, no matter how hard I tried. I just hope that my daughter and the baby get on well and are there for each other, as you say, forever x

  3. Awwwh you 've done a wonderful job with your girls xx

  4. Elaine Livingstone4 April 2013 at 20:31

    oh my goodness me you really did not want that picture taken did you? your girls are very pretty and it is nice for sisters to have a bond.Mine have now ever since my granddaughter was born but as children it is a family joke they only thing they had in common was their hatred for each other.


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