Saturday, 17 November 2012

Old School Filofax Love

I might be a tech addict but no matter how many gadgets I have to ensure I get through each day in one piece the lure of the paper is just to much for me.
You see, I love notebooks and I love diaries. I start each year with such great intentions but never quite manage to keep up with my alter-ego organised self. I'm ultimately just a bit rubbish when it comes to things like that.

So my new squeeze is a Filofax Swift Personal Organiser. It's compact, it fits into my obligatory Cybher™ issue satchel and it's blank pages fill me with excitement and promise of everything I need to know being in one place.

Filofax Swift Personal Organiser

Whilst I love a Filofax, I'm not overly keen on their diary inserts. The five languages on each page make it too busy for me. I either need it to be clean and zen or funky and cool but as neither of those boxes were ticked I opted for a Dodo Pad Personal Size, Filofax compatible diary refiill instead.

Filofax compatible Dodo Pad diary

Much more me, with plenty of room for all of the things I need to remember, not just in my schedule but for the rest of the family too.
I added some extra note paper, a selection of Filofax Assorted Sticky Notes and took out the address pages and A-Z dividers. 
I'm not really sure why they still include them... It seems a bit needless when you have your contacts stored on your phone, but maybe that's just me?
If you have any creative ideas of how I could use them, I'm all ears.

So watch this space. Let's see if i make it to Christmas is a superly, organised way.

Disclosure : Filofax sent me the Swift Personal Organiser to review. The additional items were purchased by little old me.


  1. It's just you. I use my A - Z dividers as I don't have all my contacts on my phone. But that me because I'm not as tech-savvy as you and also because I haven't got round to doing it yet. Which reminds me ...

  2. I have to admit I've never used a FiloFax, but I'd feel as if my arm was chopped off if you separated me from my paper diary. I always have my smartphone, but never use that for making appointments. There's nothing quite as satisfying as writing things down on paper in your own handwriting!

  3. It's not just you. I mentioned the same earlier this week. I have all contacts stored in my phone and only use about five address pages (and keep 2 blank for "emergencies") in my filofax for people who I actually need to send Christmas cards and postcards to.

  4. It would take me a week to get the 1800+ contacts off my phone and written into my Filofax!

  5. And if all my contacts were written down you can bet your bum I would be left in the lurch that day that I left my filofax at home. I'm never going anywhere without my phone though am I?

  6. ooooh I adore that filofax. I so want a new one now! lol!

  7. I just brought the same one. I love it.


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