Sunday, 7 October 2012

We Love Hama Beads

We've had a fab girlie afternoon today deep in hama beads heaven. We've made butterflies, dragonflies, picture frames, hearts, necklaces, earrings and bracelets but more importantly, I switched off the tech and took some much needed time out with my girls.

I'm rather proud of my butterfly and Biba's bunny earrings (centre bottom) are amazing. I'm not so good at freehand but the girls are ace. They just get stuck in and go with the flow. 

Hama Beads

We've been enjoying the Miss Hama Metallic Jewellery Kit. It's packed with 2440 mini beads in assorted colours, flower beads, elastic, design instructions and butterfly, heart and hexagon pegboards and even with our epic production line we still have stacks of beads left.

Miss Hama Metallic Jewellery Kit
We also found a use for the little almond tins that we had left over from this year's Cybher™..... they make the perfect home for colour coded hama beads tins. 

Colour coded hama beads tins

Eat your heart out OCD pals:)

For more Hama Beads design inspiration we like to stalk and MerrilyMe Pinterest.


  1. We love Hama beads. They are so much fun and you can make so many things with them. x

  2. I have got some ready for this half term holidays, Isabelle will love them, and I am really looking forward to spend some creative time with her again too.

  3. I've just bought a stack for christmas crafts, you can't beat a few hours with the kids and no tinterweb!

  4. Fab - I bet you have all SORTS of ideas for any left overs xxxx


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