Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How To : Make a Hama Beads Bowl

Not sure how this has happened but this week we have turned uber crafty. By that I mean that we've managed to sit down for three days running to enjoy some quality relaxing time together. 
We've been playing with Hama Beads... a lot. Making Christmas decorations, coasters, jewellery and just chilling out. Then yesterday I had a brainwave about creating a bowl from Hama Beads. I'm sure it's been done a million times before but we are generally a craft free, bake free zone so bear with me cause this is BIG news to us!

So, what you need to Make a Hama Beads Bowl in less that 30 mins is.

An ovenproof bowl
Cooking oil
Kitchen roll
Hamma Beads

Make a Hama Beads Bowl

Tip a small bit of cooking oil into your oven proof bowl and give it a wipe around with a piece of kitchen roll then tip in some Hama Beads.

Making a Hama Beads Bowl

Spread the beads around the bowl. The oil will help to make them stick to the sides.

Hama Beads Bowl

Pop the bowl into a pre heated oven for about 10 to 15 mins. Don't ask me what the temperature was because I forgot to look!
Keep an eye on it, cause it's not an exact science but when you see the beads starting to melt, it's time for it to come out.

Making a Hama Beads bowl 2

Leave it to cool and then turn it upside down and it should just slide out! 
If it doesn't, you've screwed up or I have and you should probably never take any notice of what i'm going on about again...

But here's the one we made today.

And the bigger one we made yesterday. If it's your birthday coming up and you are expecting a pressie from us I hereby give you enough notice to come to terms with that fact that this is what you will be getting.

How to make a big Hama Beads Bowl

If you'd like to turn into a crafty queen you can get hold of all the Hama Beads you will ever need from CrafyMerrily.co.uk


  1. Good crafting ! Love this. Can't wait to get melting some beads.....

  2. Surprisingly cool results! I mean surprisingly because I wouldn't have thought of making anything else than dinosaurs with it. There will be some very lucky people this Xmas :)

  3. ooh that is very cool. My boys love Hama beads but never thought to do this with them. Guess what I'm doing next time I have a day off? I've pinned it, thanks for the ideas. x


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