Sunday, 21 October 2012

Cute Kitten Alert

It's been tough on us since we lost our cat Rex and finding another Cornish has been tough but my Google skills have finally paid off because today we went to visit out new baby.
She's beautiful and I'm totally in love with her little pink nose! The downside is that we have 5 weeks to wait before we can bring her home but she'll be coming to us in style after debuting at the Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham at the end of November. We'll be there to cheer her on!

Aggy the Cornish Rex

After an hour in the car home and after much heated discussion between Biba and I, we have settled on the name Aggy (after Agyness Deyn).


  1. Too cute by far. Making me very kitten broody but I don't think Old fella Travis would agree to a new kitty in the house.

    Enjoy your new baby! (five weeks will fly by if you choose five things to buy for her and buy them each week!) cat bling is essential

  2. i took that photo

  3. That face is adorable!! Bet you're all excited!

    CJ x

  4. She's stunning, totally beautiful, she has such lovely eyes. I lost my cat 7yrs ago and haven't had one since but always missed having one, I can understand why you would want another, cats are such a big part of family life xx


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