Sunday, 1 July 2012

One parent rocks the school - Update

My post earlier this week has continued to gain momentum and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read through and add their opinions in the comments. Whilst out playing taxi driver to my daughters this weekend I've been approached by so many people commending me for speaking out about this situation, that I feel duty bound to bring you all up to date with with what has happened.

Two days after the original letter home, that sparked this whole debate I received a second letter from the school.

I was handed the letter by my eleven year old son (one of the Star Pupil children who should have been on the trip). His response.... 
"Well a blue badge makes it all OK???? NOT."

I have to agree with him.

It has been interesting watching this pan out over the last week. I know that many parents from the school have visited my blog for the first time and left their views and in the school playground it is still the main topic of conversation BUT the dynamic has shifted.

Now everyone wants to know why the school has handled this situation so badly. Letters have been sent to the HT and the governors but as far as I know, they are still waiting for a response.

So in conclusion of the last week...
Year 6 children are bitter at the way they have been treated and younger year 3 children are confused about why their promised reward trip has been cancelled.
Parents are losing faith in the school management and the school management have totally let down no only the parents but the children too.

My view?
A blue badge sucks.


  1. Sorry but i think this needs putting to rest now. Its a good school and i just feel that questioning the school management in a public forum is inflammatory and unnecessary. I fully appreciate that everyone is entitled to their opinion and maybe in hindsight different decisions should have been made but in the long run parents need to support their children's school.

  2. I agree a blue badge, sucks, pfft, whatever.  The stall was set out for a headmasters trip, anything else is cheating the children of what they were promised, the management should be absolutely ashamed of their u-turn and bowing to the pressue of the minority - surely fairness calls for a vote, take the parents out of the equation and put it to a pupil vote seeing as they are the one negatively affected. What a shame to end what sounds like a good school year this way. 

  3. Well that told me.

  4. I'd probably be okay with the badge IF that was what they originally promised or worth the same as a trip out. I highly doubt it's the same worth as a day out so to me this is a double thumbs down. Nice try though!

  5. That really is crap for the kids, and yes, a blue badge sucks. It reminds me of the time that my husband was asked to choose a 25 year service award from a big glossy brochure. A couple of months later he enquired as to the whereabouts of his top of the range bbq & was told that they'd decided to no longer hand out the gifts for long service awards - instead he was given a tie pin!

  6. It all seems so unfair, and the situation definitely calls for a swift and clear explanation from the school/governors. Will be interesting to see whether that ever comes about. 
    On a slightly different note, I must commend you for speaking out and asking for an explanation, and also for allowing your children to honestly express their feelings on this subject. 
    As a child I was once told by someone in authority 'you get what you get, and you don't get upset', but it took me until my late teens to realise that that kind of sentiment only works if the system (whatever it may be) is truly fair. And when it is not, speaking up and making yourself heard is nothing to be ashamed of. When something goes wrong, someone needs to honestly explain why it went wrong and, where appropriate, apologise. But that's just my humble opinion.

  7. Absolutely it sucks! What a lovely idea, ruined by the minority. As ever, we are so tied up in PC legislation in this country that those who work their socks off get nothing whilst those who claim special exemptions get to feel like what they say goes. Disgusting.

  8. Katie,
    Thank you very much for your comment. I've been shot down and praised in pretty equal measure for speaking out about this but thankfully my shoulders are broad and I still believe that the children deserve a true and honest explanation. Only time can tell though.


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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