Monday, 16 January 2012

New Baby Alert

There's a new baby in the house and we are all totally in love!
For those of you who know my eldest daughter Biba, you will know how crazy she is about bunnies. Crazy probably isn't the right word, obsessed maybe? 
Her room is full of rabbits. Soft toys, drawings, pictures, ornaments and when she grows up she wants to work at Rabbit, the award winning social media agency.

She has been begging and pleading for me to buy her a real rabbit for about 8 years and thus far I have stood firm.
Until yesterday when I totally crumbled after seeing this little fella in the adoption centre in Pets At Home...

He was returned to the store because he'd been fighting with his brother.
We had a very long family discussion in store and it was agreed that we would give him a good home. Biba cried and when Yan asked her why, she said it was because she had never been so happy in her whole life. Gulp.

So off home we went, discussing names excitedly. Mr Snuggles, Mr Bunny, Sonny, Clive, Dave, Carl, Stu and Ricky all went by the wayside before the girls settled on Sunday - 'because that was the day we took him home.'

The girls have 'Jack n Jill' rooms with a shared bathroom and that was to be Sunday's new home. They set up his cage and Biba nearly burst out crying for the second time when she saw what was written on the side of his water bottle!!!

Fate, she decided and I have to admit I may have had a bit of a moment too!

Well that was the last I saw of the girls all evening. They totally cleared out their bathroom to make a safe environment for Sunday to hop around in took out their computers to make a list of things rabbits like to eat and things that they should never give him.
Luckily he likes to be handled and loves snuggling up with the girls. 
They even ventured downstairs with him. The dog went into her scaredy cat mode, started shaking and hid in her bed and the cats didn't even notice that Biba had a rabbit sitting on her knee - so all is good!

Here he is having a little hop around (sorry if you were the person calling my work phone this morning, I know I should have been in my office but I couldn't help myself!).


  1. He Is so cute!! I want one now!
    How cool the bottle has Biba's name on too, that was definitely meant to be :)

  2. that Bunny is just too cute!!

  3. So gorgeous! Hope that Sunday becomes a much loved member of your household, (what a lovely name).

  4. Oh my lord, I want this bunny. Also HOW BIG are it's feet?!?

  5. Aww he is adorable. I love the water bottle. x

  6. That is one cute bunny!

  7. Your rabbit has the biggest feet I have ever seen!


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