Thursday, 19 January 2012


It's been a really long time since I joined in with The Gallery. Life and work just kind of got in the way of my favourite Wednesday pursuit but I really couldn't resist this weeks eye theme.

Two beautiful eyes from my two beautiful girls. Their depth and beauty takes my breath away, I wish I had eyes like theirs... I could gaze into them forever more.  



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  1. Your header is one big addition to the theme also!
    Your girls have A-mazing colour eyes. Not dissimilar to my own . . . *cough*

  2. As my page loaded to reply I thought the very same thing!
    I would love to have brown eyes. My mums are brown but mine are blue like my dad. I always hated the colour, they are like a deep cold pool.
    Luckily my children have their fathers eyes and they are deep and rich and totally beautiful. Much like yours Ms Cain. X

  3. Each is very different -- shape and colour. Amazing the range between siblings. :)

  4. Wow, what beautiful eyes your girls have.

  5. Ha I was about to say the same as Tara ref your header! Your children have gorgeous eyes, gorgeous photos

  6. What beautiful eyes your girls have - no wonder you are mesmerized by them

  7. So, so beautiful and so different from each other.


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