Monday, 5 December 2011

What is Going on??

I've spent loads of time over the last few weeks researching which charities I want to include as partners at Cybher next year. I've spent hours watching heart wrenching movies and presentations- each one chipping away at me bit by bit. Then today I saw this.

And it took my breath away to see the hundreds of nasty, hateful comments it has sparked. People have accused it of being fake - a made up video performed by an actor. 
Does it matter if it is? 
I really hope that this boy is an actor and that he isn't suffering alone but either way bullying exists and if it isn't this boy there really is someone somewhere cutting themselves to pieces right now as you read this.


  1. I think that is one of the most upsetting and heart breaking videos I've seen in a long time.
    I work in schools and bulling is a huge problem...the children who bully are subtle and very hidden.....sometimes because it's in their nature to to display this behaviour...and sometimes because of a form of abuse outside of school..... what a world we live in where the vicious circle continues day in day out and happiness is a thing that is now a luxury rather than a right. I was bullied dreadfully in secondary school and because of that I have a anxiety/nervous habit of chewing my fingers tip I'm 39 now and it's never left me....this poor boy....whether it's "real" or a talented child actor means's raised awareness and hopefully children/adults who see it will seek some help, before they get to the passed caring stage.....but it's hard to ask for help, because people find it hard to understand.....thinking a sharp word in the right ear puts it all right.....not so!

    Thank you for doing this post.....I really hope ppl who need help get the

  2. Whether it's real or not, it is a completely valid message. I just want to hug that boy (be him an actor or someone suffering the bullying) for conveying the way that those who are bullied feel. He is a brave boy and will get through this with help. Hopefully he'll get it now. As a teacher, I see this only too often.

    Please choose this charity to support.

  3. I'm sitting here, sobbing my heart out. You & I both know Sian, what it is to feel so bad inside that it feels like there's only one way out.
    I don't care if it is fake. I like everyone else who knows what it's like will be hoping & praying that it is. If it's not, then he's taken a brave step forward & thankfully he has at least one friend there to help him through it. I don't want to believe that there are people out there that could be so hateful, but then we know that there are, otherwise this wouldn't be here! I'm just happy to see so many people giving support & it just shows that there are more people who care & willing to help. I'm one of them x

  4. Thanks for your comments people. I was totally sickened after reading through some of the things that had been said on the original Facebook post.
    What a brave an amazing boy.

  5. I dont care whether that is fake or not. Your comment is right, it happens and it happens every day.

    The haters sicken me....

  6. How horrible, I hate seeing things like this. I wish everyone would look after each other and not have any hatred. We are all human and we should look out for one another. x

  7. God..... I don't know what to say. It's devastating to see. I know those feelings - not quite to that significant level but I was bullied a lot through school for being short, red-headed, freckly - with wonky teeth - I had my work cut out for me. I couldn't think of a more worthwhile charity to support Sian - it's something every parent dreads and needs to be ready to support their child with x

  8. I cried watching this because I have been there, done that and thankfully I'm still here. I don't talk about my past because it's messed up but when I see a kid like him I remember what it was like and I wish I could just go out there and help every child whose being bullied.
    I doubt it's an actor, I mean why would they allow spelling errors? I think this is a real kid who has real problems and needs real help. Sadly he feels the one place he can go is online and people are not exactly all that nice on the internet, not everyone at least. He's brave and hope he's okay.

  9. That video is truly heart breaking. Why would anyone leave negative comments on that???
    I've been there, a lot of us have, and it's irrelevant if he's an actor or a real kid going through that because he represents real kids everywhere


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