Friday, 9 December 2011

A Blogger Calendar For Me?

It seems like a lifetime ago when Jay and Tara had us lined up outside CyberMummy on that beautiful June day. They were shouting at us... a lot... well Jay was shouting at me a lot because I was being silly...

I know how much work they have both put into pulling this together - so thank you guys and also a really big thank you to Snapfish for agreeing to print it for them.

As the calendar is a super limited edition work of art they are making us work to get hold of one. Here's my offering, my blogger CV.

Name: Sian To

Started blogging : 03/03/09

Blogs : - first post : Who am I?

Big Eye Art Tumblr

Writes about : Life and geeky stuff

The Important Bits

July 2009 - BlogHer Chicago - my first trip to the USA

July 2009 - Inspired to launch a blogger event in the UK and CyberMummy was born

July 2010 - The first CyberMummy with 200 delegates

August 2010 - BlogHer NYC with Jay

August 2010 - Trip to Bangladesh as an Ambassador for Save the Children

September 2010 - Trip to the UN Summit in NYC as Ambassador for Save the Children

November 2010 - Joined Instagram

February 2011 - Blogladesh shortlisted for Media Guardian Innovation Award

March 2011 - I go to Downing Street!

June 2011 - CyberMummy part 2 with 400 delegates

September 2011 - Goodbye CyberMummy - hello Cybher. The new event for women bloggers is announced

October 2011 - I change my Twitter name from @mummytips to @geekisnewchic and launch new blog

May 12th 2012 - Cybher!!!


  1. *High fives you*. I've met some wonderful wonderful people through blogging. You're one of them Sian. But don't EVER tell anyone I said that. K?

  2. You have been an amazing support to me Ms Cain as you have to many others around here. Your awesomeness sparkles. x

  3. Sian, your path as a blogger is a real inspiration to so many people. Keep doing what you are doing.
    You are a leader, people really respect you and the way that you work. Not many people have it in them to rise above the underhand tactics and down-right malicious behaviour that's been directed at you. You have shown grace and professionalism above and beyond the call of duty.
    I know that has been tough at times but don't for one minute think that people don't know whats been going on.
    Your spirit attracts others, people want to be around you, to get to know you, to share with you. That's why Cybher will be awesome and no one can take that away from you.
    Be proud. You rock.

  4. What an amazing journey from an amazing girl. Following you from Mummy tips to now and loving it all the way.

  5. Rebecca,
    The good guys win in the end... right?
    Thank you for your support.

    Coombe Mill
    Thank you too. xx

  6. Every time you mention our time in NYC, I have to force myself to NOT cry.

    Bloody love you more than you'll ever know, and more proud than you'll ever realise, lovely lady. xxxx

  7. Rebecca. Thanks for saying what I've been thinking. In an ideal World, what goes around comes around but I kind of think it doesn't in reality. People can copy every move you make and somewhere, someone will think that they had the inspiration instead of stole it.

  8. Whoop Whoop! Seeing as we are all getting sentimental, may I say that your blog was the first blog I read and the one that inspired me to blog myself!!!!!! You also have awesome taste in bags or more specifically satchels and I *may* just be getting one for myself ;-)

    Peace Out xxxx

  9. @superamazingmum
    Seriously? That has made my day...


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