Friday, 9 December 2011

Awesome New Xbox Features and the chance to win £200!

I get to do some pretty cool things because of my blog and without a shadow of a doubt the best thing in the world (according to my children) is that I'm an Xbox Ambassador.

Much to the annoyance of said children, last week I went for a sneak peek, pre launch demo of the new Xbox 360 dashboard features and to a slightly off the wall Twin Peaks style soiree with interesting entertainment!
I got a new dress to celebrate the update!

Fun and games aside the new voice controlled Xbox feature is awesome. Its everything that Siri should should have been and most importantly it works. 
No more arguments and endless searching for the remote because you can control all of your content, games, music, movies and sports by simply using your voice.

Other features in the update include integration with leading entertainment providers including Sky, Love Film and 4od, allowing you to enjoy movies and TV content right on your Xbox and the brilliant Bing search functionality.

I'm so impressed with the voice controls that I haven't even considered asking it any of the idiotic things that I continue to taunt Siri with on a daily basis. Which is odd.

I've got lots of fresh Xbox content for you over the next few weeks along with offers and treats for fellow geeks starting with the chance to win £200 in Amazon vouchers.
The survey is now closed.

Do you like my new dress?!


  1. Yay I am an Xbox Ambassador too. Wished I'd been able to get down for the lunch last week, it looks like it was a lot of fun. x

  2. OOhhh I didn't realise you were an ambassador too. We shall have to arrange a play date!

  3. Like you new dress ;-) Filled in survey, was a long one! Have to say, I always thought Xbox was for teens but in Selfridges yesterday, the boys got a demo in the toy department. Was SO impressed, they were actually in Disneyland then flying over London with Peter Pan! Total brand mis-association as always thought it was for Gamers!

    Love S.A.M xx


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