Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What I Wore Wednesday : Eclectic

This post is for my good friend Transatlantic Blonde's weekly What I Wore Wednesday meme. It's my first time so go easy on me!

Today I'm wearing...

Striped Slouchy T from the amazingly fab Mint Velvet £35
H&M Vest under T £3.99
Rick Owens Boots  (lets not mention the price)
Jill Sander skirt from at least 4 years ago
Chanel J12 watch (ditto with the price!)

Stop by Mint Velvet, they are great for basics that you can mix and match into your current wardrobe.

Find the other What I Wore posts on Transatlantic Blonde's linky.

Don't forget to stop by my new - non mummyblog and if you haven't already bought your ticket for Cybher you have until the end of November to catch the early bird rate. Don't leave it too late though... tickets are selling fast!


  1. I love it! Your signature stripes with a pop of pink; very chic :)Loving the headband/scarf, too!

  2. Looking good lady! Wish I'd known about the meme this morning, was sporting a great combo of puffy gold skirt, chunky grey tights, black and gold charity shop shoes and a Biba jacket!!!!!

  3. @ Melaina25 it was 10 thai bhart! A holiday buy!

    Get your outfit back on girlfriend.... you know I'm always up for a spot of Biba lovin!

  4. Love the b&w stripes with the bold pink!

  5. Thanks jill. I love that Jill Sander skirt it has been around the world with me!

  6. I absolutely love the stripes with the pink. And your watch is to die for! I have serious watch envy going on right now ;-)

  7. Ha. I'm currently wearing a grey top from Mint Velvet. Knew I was band on trend!

  8. I got a fab bag in Thailand but I was knocked up so no clothes for me unfortunately!

  9. Rosie,
    Bang on trend!

    All bags and accessories for me too this year. Lots and lots of 10 Bhat headbands!

  10. Ooh I like this linky. I was offered a handbag to review last week and it got me thinking being a fashion blogger is so much more fun! I LOVE stripes.


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