Thursday, 17 November 2011

Today I'm Loving : Lamps

I'm clearly on a shopping roll - well window shopping at least. Today I need to share these beautiful lamps.
Biba is bunny mad and she has been begging and pleading for me to buy her one for at least three years. I'm a tough nut to crack because I know ultimately I will be the one doing the looking after and I just don't want another pet.
Hopefully she'll settle for one of these amazing rabbit lamps from White Rabbit England. Made here in England from bone china they really are beautiful. The light shines through when switched on to give the room a soft warm glow.

Next up is this cool apple lamp from Feather and Black. I fell in love with it when I visited their store a few weeks ago and ordered one for my office as soon as I got home!
It has an acrylic shell with a rubber stalk so perfect for younger children. The only problem with it is that it comes in three colours. It took me ages to decide which one to go with!

Back to White Rabbit England for my final spot of lamp love.
This beautiful hand painted cottage makes a perfect nursery nightlight. As the soft light glows from the windows you can see the little bunnies at home inside.


  1. That rabbit lamp is gorgeous. I'm off for a look. You can never have too many lamps!

  2. Stop, stop stop. I am rabbitly (ha) going broke!


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