Wednesday, 16 November 2011

iPhone Camera Essentials Launch

Since falling for my iPhone camera, my much loved Canon SLR has pretty much been left gathering dust. I  can't even remember the last time I took it out of the bag. 
Sad yes but I am so in love with my always present iPhone cam and all the amazing pics that I've taken with it, that lugging that extra device around just doesn't really do it for me.

When putting together the sessions and speakers for next years Cybher I really, really wanted some great iPhoneography content and with The Beginners Lens I know that I've found it.

If you have an iPhone and you love taking pics head over to their site NOW, because they've just launched the BETA version of and you can get a FREE subscription using this coupon code 1YFSUBS. Only the first 200 sign ups can use the code so get to it now... or wait till Cybher to meet the team yourself.

You can find The Beginners Lens on Twitter @TheBeginnersLFacebookYou Tube and on my beloved Instagram and in an ode to geek I have to admit that I found these guys after liking one of the pics they'd posted on Instagram. I like that!


  1. Would love to get my head round iphotos at this time of year their are so many opportunities and I never have my SLR with me but I do have my iPhone!

  2. Did anyone manage to get the BETA invite?

  3. At risk at it looking like I'm kissing your peachy you know what, you blog is full of some damn good stuff at the moment

  4. Yay! I've signed up! Fabulous stuff.

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