Thursday, 10 November 2011

Today I'm Loving : Feather and Black

A couple of months ago I was asked if I'd be interested in becoming a kids furniture tester for Feather and Black. After checking out their site I emailed straight back with a 'yes please'.

My younger children are 8, 9 and 10 and we are reaching the point of having to give their rooms a major overhaul. Their needs and interests have completely changed since we moved to this house seven years ago and I really didn't want to get sucked back in to Ikea flat pack hell.
I'm not dissing them - I love a trip to Ikea as much as the next person but their products aren't built to last and they are a nightmare to put together.

Enter Feather and Black.
I was given a choice of products from their Noah range to test and as both of the girls have been going on and on and on about having a desk for months it wasn't a difficult choice.
Betty was the lucky recipient and Yan was charged with the installation.
He hates putting things together - especially flat pack so the box did linger in the hallway for about a week before he got fed up of my nagging and took the box upstairs.

Ten minutes later he was back, declaring that the desk was the best piece of furniture that he'd ever screwed the legs on. That is high praise indeed.

Four weeks on and the Noah desk seems to have had a magical effect on Betty's bedroom.... it's tidy!

A Tripp Trapp makes the perfect chair for this perfect desk.

And she loves it. Every night when she gets home from school she goes straight up to her room to do her 'homework'.  
I love that she has suddenly taken an interest in keeping her room tidy and so for Christmas I've already bought her the additional Noah Desk Storage that fits neatly on top. She's going to love it.
As a slight aside from the desk review, I also fell in love with Feather and Black's beautiful bed linen and as Betty's made such an effort to keep her room tidy it went straight on to her bed!

Fingers crossed that the Feather and Black's tidy fairy is here to stay!

Noah Desk £195

I was given the Noah Desk to test and review.
I bought the Noah Desk Storage and the Patchwork bedlinen after seeing how fab the desk is.


  1. Wow, everything is so pretty!

  2. Lovely!! Can I ask where Betty's bed is from?

  3. @Hannah Sam
    Hello you! It was from Habitat - though to be honest she still prefers her Stokke Sleepi!


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