Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cybher 2012 is here...

The Cybher site is now live and tickets are on sale!

Cybher is the first all inclusive female blogger event of its kind in the UK. It will bring together the most influential bloggers and speakers from all corners of the blogosphere to network, inspire, share and learn.

There will be fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty, tech, photography, social good and travel to network, inspire, share and learn. There will be brands that interest all women and not just parents. In fact there will be so much on offer that you will question how we managed to fit it all in.

If you're a woman and you blog then Cybher is for you. Simple.

The schedule is coming soon, but you can expect workshops, debates, conversations, and aspirational speakers covering a whole range of subjects.

You can keep up to date with news and additions to the schedule at Cybher.com and you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook too.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me support over the last couple of months. You know who you are and you have been amazing. And an even bigger thank you to Yan, Claire and Emma - you guys rock.


  1. Well done Sian, Sounds like you have thought of everything. Hope to be able to attend xx

  2. Well done on getting this up and running, I think it will be amazing! xx

  3. Too excited - this will be the BEST one EVER x

  4. Karen, Possibly not yet - but I hope to!

  5. Eva,
    One of those big 'Thank You's' has your name on it. You have always been an amazing support and I am so happy that you are my friend. xx

  6. Lizzie. It will be the best. Don't think we are telling you where the wine's stashed though:)

  7. The site looks fabulous and the event sounds amazing. Really hoping to be there sis.

  8. Rosie,
    I hope you'll be there too. x

  9. The Boyand Me,
    Hurray!! Thank you for your support.


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