Saturday, 20 August 2011

Behind The Scenes at Heathrow Airport

When I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I'd like to spend a day 'behind the scenes' at Heathrow Airport before taking part in a roundtable discussion with the powers that be I jumped at the chance.
I use the airport a few times each year and like most parents travelling with children I have an ongoing list of things that I think could make my experience less stressful. Because travelling through an airport with children is stressful.

Not today though - today was about seeing a different side to the world's busiest airport.

Security checked and VIP badged we drove out along the runway to take a tour of the colssal Airbus A380 the worlds biggest passenger plane.

The best bit?

We got to sit in the cockpit and pretend to fly the plane!

I'm not really sure who was most excited, the adults - or the kids? I suspect it was the adults but having such a great bunch of children with us we managed to escape the camera ourselves.

Next stop was the end of the runway, where (with ear plugs firmly in place) we stood and watched the planes come in over our heads.
That was pretty cool!

After a relaxing lunch the children went off to have an exclusive ride on Heathrow's new futuristic transportation pods whist we got down to the discussion that the day was really about.
We passed around some great ideas and I can't wait to see which of them will be implemented the next time I attempt to travel stress free through the airport.
If you have any bad airport experiences, or ideas to make moving through an airport easier, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Wow - bet your kids absolutely loved it. We recently had a Sunday afternoon at Heathrow and saw my parents flying in from Australia on the Spirit of Oz, but not at such close quarters!

  2. My brother works for Boeing and is making the new "dreamliners" 787's. Too bad I couldn't get you a tour of those, hell, too bad I can't get myself a tour of those!!

    I bet your kids were absolutely bonkers seeing the jets that close. My kids still, even after all these years being surrounded by jets (air force life eh?), still get excited by them.

  3. Wow! That's absolutely amazing. I used to live near Heathrow and enjoyed to get near to watch the planes taking off and landing- but to be so close- Excellent!

  4. Wow. Looks amazing. I got a bit lost last time I was at Heathrow. I was trying to take a flight from Arrivals. No-one told me Departures was on a completely different floor. Easily done. *snigger*

  5. You have photographed Heathrow Airport very well. Those kids look cute with those reflector suits. Great pictures!

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