Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Back To School Uniform Race

I'm usually one of those uber organised, super annoying people that complains (loudly) at the premature arrival in store of next years school uniform. I can't think past June and I certainly don't have the ability to guess how much they'll have grown by the time September arrives. Still I dutifully purchase everything I need to kit out all three for the next school term, moaning as I go.

This year I messed up. My mind was wrapped up with work and then we went away and when we got home I had stuff to do and well - I never got round to the big uniform shop and now the shelves are bare!

I'm sorted for trousers, skirts and shirts but my search for jumpers is making me weep.
Seriously.... what is with the lack of bottle green?

I know its a tragic colour, I had to endure it through primary school myself but even in a town where it's uniform for two out of six schools there isn't a single jumper to be found.

I went online. It went like this.

They have one style of green cardigan at £5.50 but not in the right size. FAIL

Offering free delivery on school uniform orders over £20. They have one unisex green jumper at £4 but 9 to 10 years is the biggest size available. FAIL
They also have a green scallop neck cardigan at £3 but not in either of the sizes I need. FAIL
Desperate to buy something I head over to the culottes and shorts page. The girls lived in them last year, with tights (green of course) in the winter and socks in the summer. What was I thinking? Of course they don't have any in either of the sizes I need. FAIL

Big Fat FAIL
I can print off a handy checklist of everything I need to buy before going back to school but you can't buy online. FAIL
So, thanks to Sainsburys detailed shopping list above, I'm really staring to realise how crap I actually am. 

I head over to Tesco, surely they will save the day?
They have a green cardigan, £4 and in a 9-10 years... oh the relief. 

In the basket it goes, but I need more. One woolen item between three is never going to work but when I go back to the page there aren't any left in that size - or the size above - or the size below..... So now I'm really feeling the pressure as I engage in a virtual shopping fight for the final green jumper. 
The boys department has one boys jumper in green  but 9-10 is the biggest size. FAIL
I check out the delivery information and it's £3.95 for a 2 to 5 day delivery which would bump the price of my one cardigan to £7.95 so I ditch my basket.

I score! They have a green cardigan and it's available in all sizes but at £7 it's more than double the price of the one in Asda. I add four to my basket. 
They have green tights... in every size but they are £9.50 for a pack of three. I add three packs to my basket.
They have boys jumpers too, all sizes are in stock but they are £11 each. I buy two.
NEXT came through but my basket came to a whopping £78.50! 

There is a lesson here people.... BE PREPARED! 

Part 2..... Pens, books and the fun stuff you don't really need


  1. I also find that Next generally come up smaller than the others too, I have had to buy bigger sizes in shirts and trousers from there this year short were way to small in length to even attempt to stay tucked into trousers for as long as assembly lasts!!

  2. Next and M&S are my go to shops for uniform. M&S were doing 20% off and free delivery so I took advantage. Do you have a schoolwear centre nearby or John Lewis? This year I am organised but also shocked at the price of my sons new uniform for high school. Jumpers with logo at £15.99 each, PE top at £17.99 and poloshirts with logo at £8.50 each!!! This is an ordinary state school btw. It's cost me a small fortune & his feet are now size 5 so another £45 on shoes *sob*

    PS. If you need any grey school shorts in Age 10 I have 3 pairs here as new which are about to go on Ebay...

  3. I always land up late with everything but this year the boys were brilliant - they had not grown out of anything. RESULT! Problem is they WILL grow whether I like it or not.

  4. Abby,
    Thanks for the shorts offer. Sonny won't wear short. So that's that as far as he is concerned.

    Do not let them grow!

  5. Haha !! Neither will my H, that's why they are "as new",lol! It was my protest at him slide tackling on the playground and making holes in the knees of all his school trousers!

  6. All I have bought so far is grey trousers.....

    I think I will in NEXT too!

    Someone should warn us first timers!

  7. Emma, Take this as your warning!

  8. OK, you are making me panic. I haven't bought anything for mine yet! Must get shoes next week or I'm in trouble!

  9. Can't find a green cardigan (that I like) anywhere. Vexing.

  10. @Kat - do you need green too? The nicest ones are from NEXT. If I know you need them I can start a hand me down pile for you!


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