Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ten things I really want to do this summer

Last summer we didn't take a family holiday, instead I went off to Bangladesh with Save the Children - on a trip that was to change my perspective on life.
I've worked like a dog for the last year but in a couple of weeks I get to log off and put my feet up.
I have a plan (of course)... Here are 10 things I really want to do this summer. Not sure how many of them I will actually achieve - let's see...

1. Get a night away with Yan. Just one and I don't care where.
2. Stroll along Patong beach, Phuket at sunset.

Patong beach in 2009 - our last holiday in Thailand

3. Spend a night in the tent in the garden with my babies, the cats and the dog.
4. Get my exercise mojo back.
5. Clean the house from top to bottom. 
6. Go crabbing with the kids.

Biba and Sonny crabbing with my dad in Mevagissy harbour

7. Spend a few days in Cornwall.
8. Have a girlie/kid break with my buddies.
9. See Morrissey live. Somewhere...anywhere..
10. Book the church.

So what about you? What do you want to do this summer?


  1. We are doing 2 of those in one go! Having 2 nights away in the isle of man without kids and going to see him there! You should see if any tickets still available for it :)

  2. I have tidied the house from top to bottom but I want to spend time with Baba this holiday and catch up with friends. But the big thing is to have a fab day with my BF for her wedding! xx

  3. Lovely theme for a post, gosh what do I want to do this summer.....get up the duff!!!

  4. What a lovely meme, I hope you get to do all of those and more. x

  5. Okay for me, five of mine would be:

    1. Spend some time making memories with Lola (hence Camp Bestival and a Camping Trip booked)

    2. Embrace where I live and make at least one friend who I can pop roud for a quick cuppa ... that kind of friend

    3. Get the garden in order. It's the worst in my street and I am ashamed of it.

    4. Tone up.

    And of course...

    5. Get invited to your girly/kid break!!!

  6. I like ur plans for this summer and for me, i hope i could go to Germany as an au pair and let my dreams come true!

  7. The sunset at Thailand really looks nice. I'm sure you had a great time.


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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