Friday, 22 July 2011

Chad Valley Design a Friend Doll Rocks

We have a bit of a strange relationship with dolls in our house - my Blythe / Japanese Pose doll addiction is no secret and I was firmly in Sindy's camp as a child but most other dolls really creep me out. This bizarre quirk is something that I've unwittingly managed to project onto my girls and I'm very happy that we have thus far managed to remain a Bratz / Barbie free zone.
We like our dolls to be fresh, original, different even. So it was with slight nervousness that I accepted the offer to review the new Design a Friend Doll.

I was swayed by the fact that the Design a Friend Doll comes from Chad Valley, as my mum worked at their Wrekin factory for most of my childhood and I have fond memories of putting many of their now classic toys through a stringent home testing process.

Straight out of her beautiful presentation box Design a friend is breaking the modern doll mould. Towering over her contemporaries at a statuesque 46cm she is head and shoulders above the other dolls battling it out in the tween girl marketplace.

I had my own battle as my girls fought over who was going to be chief tester (Biba won as Betty was in charge of the last product we reviewed) and all electronic toys were cast aside as she became their primary source of fun - testament indeed to her desirability.

She comes ready to rock with one complete look and there will be 12 additional outfits and 5 accessory packs available at launch so that your little ones can start to emulated their own overflowing wardrobes!

Launch price is not yet confirmed but it will be around £20 for a Design a Friend Doll  complete with outfit and charm bracelet. There will be multi-buy money saving offers and I'll update this post as soon as they go live.

So if you are looking for something to keep your girls entertained over the summer, or if you are stuck for a pressie idea for the little one in your life - you can't go wrong with one of these fab dolls.

Chad Valley Design a Friend Dolls will be available from Argos from the end of July. There are 4 dolls in the collection.


  1. I recently brought a designafriend doll, Ellie and cant tell you how impressed i was with the whole purchase. stunning packing which makes it a very special gift then the doll it self is so pretty and the quality is amazing. can well recommend one if you are looking for a gift with class !

  2. Is this what we should be teaching our children designer labels etc, far too grown up for the wee girls they are marketing them atIs this what we should be teaching our children designer labels etc, far too grown up for the wee girls they are marketing them at

  3. I think they look like the characters from the TV show Charmed!!

  4. I completely disagree with 'Anonymous' I love her because she is not covered with glitter, she is clearly a little girl dolland dressed as one. Well made, not all boobs, mini skirts and platforms, pretty without being covered in slap and well bodied not a barely hidden glamour model. She is top of my daughters christmas list and I can't wait for her to open her.

  5. does anyone know if you can wash the doll's hair or not? weird question maybe but my daughter wants a doll who's hair she can wash and I really don't want to buy hair wash barbie!

  6. Caro, I wouldn't have thought so. The hair is nylon.

  7. I make doll's clothes and I can't wait to start. A lovely doll. Look out for dollies boutique on e bay

  8. I love this doll.  I have been making clothes for Annabel, Babyborn and Chou chou and I can't wait to start.  I have bought Ellie and will be selling gingham school dress with white collar and knitted cardigan; pyjamas and dressing gown, waistcoat, skirt, blouse and bag; hooded fleece jacket and leggings - what a great change!!  Look for dollies boutique soon. oe e mail

  9. We now have 2 design a friend doll and crazy expensive kidzone n cats doll and both my girls love the inexpensive design a friend dolls best! What's more all the liberty Jane sewing patterns for anerican girl doll fit these dolls!

  10. i have tried washing my doll (daisy)'s hair and it has worked wonders!
    I don't know if it will do the same for texture and curly-haired dolls but Ia hope this helped :)


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