Sunday, 12 June 2011

My kids are models...

Last week my business partner asked me about my views on children in showbiz. I've attempted to articulate them here but the dog and both the cats decided that that they wanted in and the camera-gal, who is quite frankly more at home on the other side of things was a tad shaky - but none the less, here you are.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this subject. My girls love what they do and I love the confidence and experience that they get from it but it's of it's time. Don't ask me how I feel about the possibility of Biba making the transition from child to adult model - that's a whole new blog.


  1. Great vid - I always wonder how mums have the time to take their kids to castings and shoots but it's fab that you can work around it. You must be so proud of them.

    I take my hat off to you though- I don't think I'd have the time or the patience!

    PS I think Biba is destined to be an A-Lister judging by this vid! ; )

  2. The casting thing is the pitts and it's not for me at all. Thats what divides the pushy parents (I think)??
    That said the girls did audition for Annabel's Kitchen - along with 10,000 other kids! I don't mind admitting that the whole thing made me feel physically sick but they did their thing and off we went to film two episodes in Ireland last half term.
    I am so proud of them, but not cause they are on TV, or on the front of a magazine or on an ad but because of the way present themselves in such a grown up situation. That makes me tingle inside.

  3. Lovely video. Your children are stunning and clearly enjoy what they're doing. And what a fabulous experience for them. You have clearly got your head screwed on properly and you know what you're doing, so I don't think it's a problem at all.

  4. Hi Lovely!

    What a great vlog! Very thorough and thought out. I wonder, how much of an investment does one have to make if you want your children to succeed at this? Head shots and lessons and things like that?? Also, would you ever consider sending Biba or Betty to a "stage school" sort of thing? Like Fame?? Obviously, your girls love it or you wouldn't do it and they're rather good at what they do as well. Just like their mummy! ;)

    Mwah. xx

  5. Karin,
    Great questions. After filming Annabel's Kitchen Biba decided that she wanted to go to the Sylvia Young Theatre school - which is where all the other kids were from. Fees are from £3120 per term.

    Betty has always wanted to go to ballet school. She's been telling us that since she could talk!

    From a parenting point of view, I just want them to be happy and to get a good education. I can actually see both of them taking that route at some point but it will be there choice not mine. xx

  6. I've mentioned before my sister and I did a lot of modelling from the ages of 3-13 (mostly print) and we both loved it as well. I think as long as your children enjoy it and it's building their confidence and self-esteem why not!

  7. We signed up my daughter to a baby modelling agency when she was young but it was those casting calls that got me. I was working so couldn't drop everything to go to them.

  8. I would love to have the opportunity to put Sophie into modelling but she hates being in front of the camera... 
    I think it's brilliant how you've let the girls & Sonny take to modelling and acting to their own pace and that they love doing it :-) in whatever they choose in the future towards their careers in modelling, ballet, photography, etc they'll be amazing 
    Thanks so much for mentioning Sophie4Sophie 

  9. Oh and by the way, your office looks AMAZING!!!!!! So much colour and fabness! Love it x

  10. Interesting question. When Milla was a baby lots of people suggested I should try and get her modelling but to me it just seemed counter intuitive. Why spend all that time schlepping when we could be having fun?


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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