Sunday, 15 May 2011

Are you looking for a CyberMummy11 ticket?

With CyberMummy only five weeks away I'm getting an increasing number of emails from people desperate to get their hands on a ticket.
As you know, the conference is sold out but people's circumstances change and there are people with tickets who now can't make it.
I am helping to match sellers with buyers but I think it would help all parties if there was a central place to find the info.
So, if you are desperate to get your hands on a ticket leave a comment on this post beginning;

'Looking to buy' along with a means of contact and if you are selling, 'Looking to sell'.

Once sale has happened the seller will then need to email me (sian at CyberMummy dot com) and I'll reply with the delegate transfer form.

- Added 17/5/11. Please only post tickets that are being sold at face value. I DO NOT advocate the selling on of tickets for profit.

Added 18/5/11. I also have details of a couple of hotel room that people are trying to sell on. 1 double room for Friday 24th June at the Hoxton and one double room for Saturday 25th at the Hoxton. Email me for more info.


  1. Looking to buy! Kerry - kezinengland AT gmail DOT com - Thank You !!

  2. Thanks for setting this up! I'm looking to buy! Based in London,can pay cash/bank transfer. Email or message me on twitter @mummamartin

    Thanks :)

  3. Hi, great idea Thanks. Definitely looking to buy and based close to london/greenwich border. Please email Tracy at or on twitter @muminmeltdown

    Thanks x

  4. Hello, tried to post yesterday, but seems it didn't work. I'm really keen to get a ticket. Based in London and can pay by whatever way is preferred. Email is and twitter @Clairewill. Thanks for this mummy tips. X

  5. Looking to buy - please let me know if you have a ticket to sell! I can pay by bank transfer right away. My email address is, or contact me via Facebook ( - thanks!
    Claire x

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  7. Hi Lou from here... I have a ticket to sell as my friend can no longer attend with me.

    Email me at if interested. Cost £120 by cheque or bank transfer please. I'll release the ticket on receipt of funds.

  8. Lou here again, I just posted about a ticket for sale....BTW this is a Blogger Delegate ticket NOT a PR/Brand Delegate ticket.

  9. Looking to buy a Cybermummy conference ticket for Sat 25th. Please email or twitter @propertyventure

  10. Louise Reynolds17 May 2011 at 12:42

    Still looking to buy a Cybermummy conference ticket for Sat 25th. Please email or twitter @propertyventure

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  12. Looking to buy PLEASE! Lisa AT MummyWhisperer DOT com

  13. Looking to buy! Please email me on if you have a spare ticket... thank you!

  14. Sadly, still looking to buy a Cybermummy conference ticket for Sat 25th. Please email or twitter @propertyventure

    Hi, I have a ticket for sale at face value of £100. Please contact me on leila_jerman at hotmail dot com


    (ps, I have emailed the lady above my post but just in case she has already found a ticket, I've put the notice on here as well)

  16. Hi ladies,

    I'm still looking for a Cyber Mummy ticket - anyone have one for sale? If so please email me:

    hello at

    Thanks so much!


  17. Hello

    Still looking to buy... please email me if you have a ticket to sell...


  18. We're really looking forward to seeing everyone at Cybermummy and we're currently running a fab giveaway for a ticket and a two night stay at the Hoxton Hotel, which should sort you out completely.

    Thanks to Sian for inviting us to post about it. Just copy and paste this URL into your browser:

    Good luck!

    Paula x

  19. Looking to buy a ticket for Cybermummy, please could you mail me if you have one for sale. Twitter @jdkid

  20. Looking to sell. Please pop over to my blog

  21. Looking to buy, please contact Thank you! :)

  22. Still looking to buy, for the record :-)

    Claire - or

    Thanks! x

  23. I'm looking to buy a ticket! I can pay immediately. Please email if you can help.

    Thank you!!

  24. 'Looking to buy¨
    Hello Sian, my name is Belen and I am a friend of Maria Jose Ovalle (@verybusymama) I am looking to buy a ticket to CyberMummy please. I am based in London. My email is

    thank you!

  25. Room at Hoxton - any chance it is still available?

  26. I'm still looking for a ticket....if you have any last-minute changes and need to sell yours, please let me know. I can pay by bank transfer immediately.
    Email: or

    Here's hoping! x

  27. I'm looking to sell as I now have a sponsored ticket. £100 (face value). Please contact me ASAP as the transfer of names has to happen by tomorrow night. I'm on twitter @imperfectpages or email kirsty dot younger at hotmail dot com. Thanks!


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