Sunday, 17 April 2011

We Are Xbox Family Ambassadors!!

A few weeks ago (much to the delight of my boys) we became an Xbox Ambassador family.
In our house this is MAJOR.
No1 son was an early adopter, switching to Xbox when it hit the UK in March 2002 and from the day it arrived no other games console saw the light of day.

Our original Xbox console from 2002 is still going strong.

December 2005, just in time for Christmas (and No1's birthday) the new Xbox 360 arrived in the UK. It was sold out with waiting lists everywhere and I had to get my hands on one.

December 2005 People queue to get their hands on a new Xbox 360

I searched and searched and ended up paying way over list price on ebay but at least I had the 360!
That original machine was played and played and played - finally giving up last December just in time for the Christmas Xbox fairy to return!

The beautiful Xbox 360

No1 son's now away at university and Sonny is the new Xbox master. They both have Xbox LIVE and hook up virtually every week for a play date. I love that.

Next week we'll be getting hot and sweaty as we begin our Easter fitness challenge with Your Shape and Kinect. 
We'll be battling it out as a family so stay tuned to see vlog our journey.

For further information about Xbox Family Ambassadors visit the PlaySmartPlaySafe site.


  1. oooh family vlogs - can't wait to see that! =)

  2. I'm not jealous at all. Not. Not.

  3. Excellent. That's great news. x

  4. Wow!!!! Go you! Congratulations!!
    My family adore the Xbox!! If Microsoft are reading, we're open to the odd freebie too Haha! You'll love the kinect - lots of fun!

  5. I won at XBox at a company Christmas party waaay back in 2001. All the male employees tried to swap me other prizes for it but I refused.

    I only EVER used it as a DVD player, lol. It was the first DVD player I ever owned and I loved it!

  6. idiots lol xboxs are crap they got nothing on ps3 u have to pay just to pick the xbox controller up the graffics are rubbish no internet access shall i go on? its for people who cannot afford ps3

  7. my gf brought me a xbox i went to tesco brought a dead fish slaped her silly with it and sent her out to get ps3 when she got back we made love i was so happy

  8. used it for dvd player??? lmao thats about right. its all its good for


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