Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Free Business Cards from for CyberMummy11

I've been a MOO fan for a couple of years. I love the unique size of their mini cards and the reaction that they get every single time you hand one out. They can be used for just about anything; business cards, product tags, mummy cards, gift tags or even to create a design showcase.
Biba even has a set to give out to her friends showcasing some of the photography from her blog.

Business cards are a MUST for any type of conference and the very lovely people at are offering each and every CyberMummy11 attendee the chance to order 50 FREE business cards (as pictured below - you just pay the £3 postage and packaging).
You can choose up to 50 different images to display on your cards using MOO's Printfinity technology. Use pics from your blog, pics of you, text, logo or anything that captures your style. 
Each of your FREE MOO Business Cards will come with a CyberMummy11 watermark so that there's no forgetting where your card was picked up.
To claim your FREE cards visit the CyberMummy11 Moo page.

Please rest assured that I'm not being all CyberMummy-ist here as I have another non conference related offer to share with you later this week.
Do you already use cards to promote your blog? Or mummy cards as an easy way to share your details at nursery or in the school playground? Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. thanks for this! I was just about to put in a new order to top up my cards. And everyone does love looking at them. I have some for my blog and for myself. Anyway, can't wait for CyberMummy. I have been so busy with work that I look forward to the "escape". Maria xx

  2. I was just thinking about ordering cards for Cybermummy, thank you :)

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