Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wikio March Parenting Blog Rankings... sneaky peek

I've just been sent the sneaky peek of Wikio's March's parent blog rankings. I had a great month of traffic but I've slipped down one place to number 11, how about you? I'd love to know your thoughts on your positioning and if you've had more or less traffic than last month.
The full listings will be published by the end of the week over at Wikio.


  1. Huzzah! I don't even rank! Rank schmank.


  2. Well done everyone.

    I guess I'm back to my rightful place - whatever that may be!!

    I find the whole thing unfathomable. I was number 2 last month, which was staggering. However, this month I've had more traffic, more links (I think) and yet I'm not in the top 20! LOL. I had my most ever page views and unique visitors one day in February - a totally staggering figure - more than double my average.

    Ho hum! Who knows. But genuinely pleased for everyone in the top spots :0)

  3. Missielizzie,
    I had the biggest traffic month on my blog ever last month, which is why I'm interested in how other people have faired. I'm going to do a comparison of last months top 20 so that everyone can see what the movements have been.
    Wouldnt it be great if we could all work it out?!

  4. Hi Sian,

    It's all a bit crazy isn't it?! Last month I jumped over 250 places. I even queried it with Wikio because I was sure it was a mistake! The only thing I could possibly attribute it to was a lot of people moved to self-hosting ,so I wondered if a lot had had a wobble in their stats/feeds etc.

    All my stats are up - this month on last, my frequency of posts has increased and I was mentioned on lots of other blogs and sites - more so than ever before!

    I realise that makes me sound stats-obsessed. I'm certainly not, it would just be nice to understand how it all works!! x

  5. Missielizzie,
    250 places? Wow... what did they say? I have to say I find this really interesting too. There are 10 people in the top 20 who have jiggled around a few places like me but there are 10 other who have either shot in or dropped out like you have.
    I would love to hear other peoples views.

  6. Thanks for the sneak peek, Sian.

    I've had an amazing month for traffic, unique hits and comments and I've stayed in exactly the same place (15th).

  7. Am I not right in thinking it is not traffic at all but is done on in-links and also your twitter influence. I was 8th last month and am 9th this month. I would say my in-links were slightly down but my klout is up - so no idea really. Just pleased to be there!

    Cheers Sian, Mich x

  8. Hi Sian,

    Unfortunatley they didn't say why, just that 'I could rest assured that it was correct'!!

    A bit annoying. I knew it was a fluke, I'd just like to know how it happened. I didn't/haven't done anything different, in fact in February I started my own link-up which has had around 20 people join per week, so if anything as far as my 'traffic' tells me, I've got more people coming from different routes. I was also linked on the BMB blog, Loved by Parents and Zero Waste website, which as far as I know I've never had my blog linked anywhere like that before!

    All very intriguing. Guess it only proves all you can do is keep plodding along :0)

  9. But the way that inlinks work is that if people registered on Wikio link to your blog (and they will if they write a blog post and mention that they are linking to your theme) then your Wikio rating gets a boost, especially if the people linking to you have a higher Wikio rating that you.

  10. So Nickie (sorry, I'm so not understanding any of this!!), are you saying that Wikio only counts something as a link if it's on a Wikio registered site? And then that link is weighted depending on where they are ranked.

    Am I understanding that right? Seems a bit of a goldfish bowl way to rank things :0)

  11. that is ONE of their metrics but it's a major one, definitely. Not really sure about any others. But to be a Wikio blog you only have to register with them (they approached me when they started doing the parent blog list) and then the magic happens elsewhere.

  12. *head explodes with confusion*

    Thanks Sian and Nickie :0)


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