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Journo Request... Was your baby Overdue?

Was your baby overdue?

A top pregnancy magazine is looking for case studies of women who went overdue when expecting their baby. The specific stories we're looking for are:

- Someone who had to be medically induced.

- Someone who had two sweeps and then went into labour.

- Someone who managed to bring on labour naturally with curry/exercise/sex etc and avoided an induction.

We'd like to tell your birth story in the magazine and include some of your lovely home snaps.
All it would involve would be a brief chat on the phone. The piece would be a lovely keepsake for you - and a great source of info for expectant mums.

If you're interested please leave a comment with a means of me contacting you and how old your baby is now and I will be in touch to request a bit of info on your story, a photo of you with your baby and your contact number.

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  1. I was overdue and had a sweep at 40w, no dice.

    Went in for an induction at 41w (waters went night before), got the IV in my hand and before I could get induction meds had to have an emergency section.

  2. Hi, I was medically induced with my first baby(who is now 4yo!) as he was 13 days overdue, had a couple of sweeps and he wasn't budging. My 2nd baby (who is almost 2yo) came along on his own and I even managed a home birth so the total opposite experience. If you are interested in my story my email is louisejedwards@hotmail.co.uk x

  3. Hi Sian,

    I was 12 days over, had 2 sweeps then taken in with suspected protein, ended up with a emergency C Section as she was distressed.

    You know where to find me. x

  4. Hi I was two weeks over, had 2 sweeps then was induced finally had to have waters broken, 30 hours of labour and then am emergency cesarean would love to help
    Ruth hughes

  5. Freddie was 13 days late and I had to have my waters broke and put on a drip and then after 10 hours after arriving in hospital he was ventouse out cuz he would move!!! Is that any help. Freddie is now 18 months xxx

  6. The comment with Freddie, mums name is natalie 07970686472 xx

  7. I had 1 sweep which did nothing, then admitted to hospital at 41+4 - given 3 doses of Prostin over 3 days with no luck. Finally the day I was 42 weeks they broke my waters, put me on the drip and Piran was born with a little help from the ventouse 4 hours after going on the drip.

    Piran is now 19 months and I'm expecting another baby in 7 weeks (or probably 9!)

  8. I have 3 children and all 3 were overdue..
    I was 10 days late with number 1 son, had a sweep, didn't work, had waters broken, put on drip, but ended up having c-section 16 hours later.. He's now 8.
    I was 15 days late with number 1 daughter as I was trying to avoid induction!! Had a sweep, didn't work,put on drip, body went into natural labour vbac in six hours, she's now 6.
    Number 2 son was 10 days late, 2 sweeps, lot's of sex(which I think was key) waters went on there own 2vbac in 3ish hour.Kelly..

  9. Youngest son is 18 mouths old. Kelly.

  10. Hi I am a first time Mum to a 2 year old. I went 11 days overdue, with one sweep and had to be medically induced. After 12 hours of labour I had to undergo and emergency c section due to the cord being wrapped about my babies neck and unable to dilate any further without risk. I am also a nurse who has seen c sections and recovered Mums but nothing prepared me for being on the other side! If you are interested please see my contact page on my blog at http://mummyandthebeastie.blogspot.com :-) Thanks

  11. Hiya

    Both of mine were overdue. I was induced with my daughter and she ended up as a section. My son was 8 days over and I went into labour naturally after watching a horror film! He was also a section in the end. I've blogged about it.
    Let me know if I can help!

  12. Hi

    I was 6 days overdue and I used natural ways to get labour started. I just kept waddling a round the flat and doing chores. I figured gravity is my best friend and it was! Curry didn't help though, just made me drink loads and feel bit sickly!

    my email is mewski AT gmail DOT com can my site is www.petitmom.co.uk if you wish to contact me further. I'm also @petitmew on twitter!

  13. Hi,

    I was a week overdue when I had a sweep. It didn't work, so I went in to hospital to be induced at 12 days overdue. Took 24 hours from first being induced to starting labour, was in labour for 24 hours (got to 10cm) & baby was stuck. Had emergency c-section & baby was in special care for 6 days due to infections.

    She is now 13 months old & you'd never be able to tell she wasn't well at birth!


  14. Hi, I were were 41 weeks and now have a daughter just over a month old. we were booked in for a sweep the following monday after our due date, i also decided to have sex that night with my partner. No more than an hour later I was in labour and our daughter was born after 7 hours. Still not sure whether to thank the sweep or the sex!

  15. I had planned a natural home birth for my 3rd child. I was 11 days overdue and 24 hours from having to go to hospital to be induced. I was desperate to get the baby out before then!

    I read up on natural ways to bring on labour and nipple stimulation sounded like the most reliable method and I think it worked. An hour after having a go with the breast pump my waters broke and I gave birth 20 minutes later! It was so quick the midwife didn't arrive in time and my partner had to deliver our daughter who is now 11 weeks old.


  16. Hi my son was born at 40+6 he's now 9 months old he came by himself the day I was due to be induced I'd had 3 sweeps which all failed he had meconium and the cord wrapped around his neck he wasn't stimulated to breath until he had been suctioned(very scary) he's a miracle baby as I was told I'd never have children and we were going through the adoption process when we found out. If your interested please contact me on chloebrooks85@googlemail.com

  17. I was induced at 42 weeks after having had done everything I could to stimulate labour. I had one sweep, walked everywhere, had sex with my husband and had two rounds of acupuncture and took homeopathic remedies as directed by my midwife. Nothing worked. Went in to the hospital, had labour induced. Labored for 10 hours without meds until my midwife suggested an epidural. An hour after the epidural and no further dilation, my beautiful daughter had a ceasarean birth.
    crystal AT wrenchingbettys DOT com
    My daughter is now 20 months old.

  18. Hi Sian
    I went 12 days overdue (over xmas of all times!) and was booked in for induction on the Monday.
    Went in that day at 9am, thought I was really nervous and had a bit of stomach ache but turns out I was in natural labour so avoided the induction!
    My daughter is now 14 months old.
    Dorathecat2009@gmail.com x

  19. Hi Sian,

    I was 6 days overdue. As a result I was able to spend some more time sunbathing in the lovely July weather and chilling in the back garden with my parents who came down to Wiltshire from Scotland for the birth.

    In the end up I went into labour exactly as the World Cup final 2010 kicked off. I left my husband to watch the game downstairs (I was in bed) and didn't tell him that I was in labour until he came to bed himself around 3 hours later.

    I think I was lucky, my labour came on spontaneously (or maybe it was the curry, the sex or the little jog that I did the afternoon before it kicked off). It was a relatively straight-forward birth. My little boy Finn is now 8 months old.



  20. Hi almost 18 years ago I had a baby that was nearly 4 weeks over .....he was really poorly when he was born,he was a c section (emergency) after an induction,arm,ventuose and forceps ....(if its free i had it) he was in scbu and they thought he had celebral palsy and brain damage - fortunately hes soon to be 18 and goes to uni in sept to study law!!


  21. Hi there i have one little boy and i was all prepared for the birth had bag packed at about 36 weeks, but i waited and waited got to 41 weeks and had a sweep which did nothing then at 41 weeks and 5 days i was medically induced which did eventually start me off but was a long process i was induced on thursday night and friday came and went got to friday night and every contraction i had my little mans heart rate plummeted they feared the cord was wrapped round his neck and it was literally sign here and down we go for a emergency c section, i was quite sad as there wasn't time to grab a camera or anything so the only piccys i have of him were at 2 hours old when i got back onto the ward, my poor dad had waited and waited all thursday and friday and didn't even know when i'd had him as he'd fell asleep in the car in the carpark fed up of waiting lol. my mum bless her was with me all the way

  22. Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.


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