Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wikio February Parenting Blog Rankings.... sneaky peek

I've just been sent the sneaky peek of Wikio's February parent blog rankings and it's all change in the top 10 - lots of climbers and a slip of five places for me:( It's great to see the BMB blog enter at number 3 though. 
The full listings will be published by the end of the week over at Wikio. - February Parenting Ranking
1Sticky Fingers
2Me and my shadow
3The BMB Blog
4Sleep is for the Weak
5Redtedart's Blog
6Baby Budgeting
7journey of the mocha bean(s) and mummy
8Mummy from the Heart.......
9ParentDish - UK
11Monkeying Around
12The Diary of a Frugal Family
13Madhouse Family Reviews !
14Thinly Spread
16Who's the Mummy?
17PhD in Parenting
193 Bedroom Bungalow to Let in Crazytown
20Rosie Scribble
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  1. This is a joke right? Please tell me, I cannot believe I'm at Number 2 LOL LOL!

    Congrats to everyone x

  2. No matter where you rank, my lovely lady, you will always be number one with know that! Mwah...xx

    Karin (and Little Miss)

  3. OOh thanks for this Sian ...what excellent company to be in!

  4. Yay! This is good news. I've made the top 20 for the first time. I dropped 60 places in the Tots 100, not that I stress about these things *ahem*

  5. Wowser! Congratulations all of you! Lots of my faves in there, keep up the good work! xx


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