Friday, 11 February 2011

Mummy-Tips - This is Me meme (apparently)

I would say a big thank you to fellow blogger Tara Cain for tagging me in this meme - but I'm not thankful so there you go! 
I did however have a portrait beautifully crafted by my youngest daughter on my office wall (hidden behind the door) ready to share. 

Popeye eat your heart out! 
For those of you sniggering as you read. I do not own red trousers or a red T shirt - so there!
This post was for the naughty Ms Cain's This is Me Meme and in keeping with the official rules I'm tagging the following lovely people.

  • A Modern Mother
  • Jenography
  • Mary Poppins
  • Maternal Dementia
  • The American Resident
  • Cherished by me
  • BabyGenie
  • MummySmiles
  • Mums Rock
  • ObjectivityRach
Rules are as follows:
  1. No shirking. You are tagged and that means you have to join in or else.
  2. Ask your child to draw a picture of you. It doesn't matter how old they are...age is not an excuse for not joining in.
  3. Post the picture on your blog.
  4. Call it the 'This is Me Meme'.
  5. Come back here and post your meme url into the comments so we can all have a good laugh at your expense.
  6. Then pop over to Tara's post to add it to her linky too.
  7. Tag some further victims.
  8. That's it.
  9. Erm... good luck!


  1. Oh my.. You are.. umm.. stunning! Just stunning! *snigger*

  2. Sian, what has happened to your teeth? I don't remember them being like that. The tatoos of Yan's name are really quite sweet. They must have hurt though. Just as well his name is short. Can you imagine what would have happened if you had married someone with a name like Alexander? *shudder*

  3. Is that an angel tattoo on your arm? I'd ask Blondie Boy to draw a picture of me but he's art is more like Jackson Pollack that portraiture :)

  4. You're horrid. But I don't want to suffer the 'or else...' so I'll go find daughter and see what she has for me!! x

  5. Only for you missy, but with pleasure.
    This is Me(me)

  6. Now why isnt this your twitter profile pic???!!! Love it!!

  7. Helo lovely, after having a good laugh at your expense I got my 3yo princess to draw me! I'm no longer laughing 'This is me Meme......

  8. You look adorable. And like a person rather than an abstract expression of felt tip pen. Unlike me. Go see, have a laugh and make a mental note never to Meme me artwork by children...again :)

  9. What a great picture!!
    I just asked M to draw a picture of me and he said he can only draw bad people!!?? May have to ask one of the others.
    Thanks for the tag. :) X

  10. Natalie @ Mummysmiles24 February 2011 at 06:32

    Well it took a while but we got there in the end!!

    Thanks Sian (I think!)

  11. With a little bit of help from mummy, here are the masterpieces of my two year old Miro!


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