Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How to make the Best Roast Potatoes Ever...

Every now and then a product comes along that slips so seamlessly into your lifestyle that you can't imagine being without it. That's how we feel about the fab new Tefal AciFry that we were sent to review.

We were of course sceptical, (we alway's are). 
A fryer that can produce chips with a crispy 'deep fried' taste using only half a teaspoon of oil? Ummm, whatever. 
Yan got stuck in straight away with a packet of oven chips, that being slightly pre cooked go in oil free. We all stood around and stared at the frozen chips tumbling around inside, willing them to cook. 
Fast forward half an hour and this is what we'd made.

Crispy chips made in a Tefal ActiFry

'Oohhhh' we chorused, just like Toy Story's Aliens waiting for The Claw. We were impressed. Even Yan was impressed - and he doesn't do impressed on a regular basis.

The taste test confirmed that these were quite simply the best chips we had ever experienced and there was no mess inside the pan. A quick wipe with kitchen roll and it was as good as new.

Day 2 - The kids burst in from school chanting 'chips, chips, chips' only to be met by my mean face and a firm refusal to eat the same thing two days running.
A row of sad faces stood before me.
"But Mum.... we love those chips...." cried FunnyGirl.
They weren't getting around me. No today was roast potato day.

Potatoes peeled, cut and ready to go. Into the ActiFry with half a spoon of oil. We stood and watched them tumbling around, willing them to cook.
Fast forward half an hour and look at what we made....

The best roast potatoes ever

Hello..... is that roast potato porn or what?!

I don't usually get excited about kitchen gadgets but the Tefal ActiFry really is fab.
It can be used to cook chips, potato wedges, sausages, scampi, stir fries and I did spot that Maria from MummysBusyWorld had really pushed the boat out with her seafood empanadas! 

Cooking time is longer than conventional frying but there's not a spot of oil or mess in sight.
There really is no better endorsement than one coming from my husband, who hand on heart states that the ActiFry is the best thing that we have ever been sent to test. Ever.
Tefal Actifry

RRP: £199.99
For stockist details call 0845 602 1454 or visit

I was sent this product to review.


  1. Oh how could you do this to me!! I want it now...aghhhhhh!

  2. Did you peel, parboil and fluff the potatoes first, in the traditional manner, or just put them in peeled and raw?


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