Tuesday, 18 January 2011

When the clock stops

Yesterday I read a great post on Slummy Single Mummy's blog about the lies we tell. It gave me the courage to come clean here.
I'm a bad mummy, it's true. 
Today the clock stopped working. I'm not talking biological clock here - this is strictly alarm clock (aka FunnyGirl) and at 9am (on a school day) our whole house was still in slumber. The shrill sound of my office phone woke me. I rolled over in disbelief that I was getting a work call so early when I saw the numbers on my bedside clock read 09:10.
Now to be fair I do sometimes (quite regularly) sleep through the whole morning thing as Yan has this rather good habit of slipping silently out of bed to get the kids ready for school, but today when I rolled in the other direction I realised he was dead to the world next to me!
I listened real hard for any signs of life downstairs... there were none. The kids were all dead to the world too.
Now, I know that it's really actually quite bad that we were (at this point) 30 minutes late for school but I have to say that I secretly thought it was FAB.
I've been a mum for 20 years (owch) and three out of my four children have been day break risers. We've tried the staying up later but that just results in grouchy kids and a doubly grouchy mum.
So today was like a new adventure. We ate waffles and the kids giggled. They were late for school. How fab? The only other time they have been late for school was the time I reversed my car into the house... but lets not go into that now.
They talked of bunking off and the things they could do. I jumped in and foiled their plans by calling school in the hope that I could still get them their school dinner (no bread in), only to be met with the response; "We thought you might have slept in, so we ordered their lunches anyway."
Clearly the school office manager is psychic but what the hell. 
Off they went at 10.30am with broad beaming smiles on their little faces and we all drew just that little bit closer with the knowledge of our naughtiness:)

Rewind a year to this post about Betty's early rising activity and you will totally get what a random thing today was.


  1. Great post and thanks for the link!

    I am terrible at getting up - Belle would stay in bed late everyday if I let her. This morning was fairly typical - it saw me lying in bed at 8.15am, shouting to the other room that it really was time to get up, then 10 minutes to get dressed, tie back greasy hair, and force a banana into Belle on the walk to school

    I'm intrigued by the story of you reversing into your own house though :-)

  2. Oh how fab is that! Those are the kinds of days that life is all about.

  3. This made me smile so much and those pics are gorgeous.

    About a month ago myself, E and M did exactly the same. What was really funny was that as we arrived so did my friend with her little girl. (They are like me, always rushed but never late for school). What was even better, as she and I left the building having deposited our kids, another friend's 3 little monkeys arrived in a taxi. Now she is NEVER late. I think we all grinned to ourselves in a weirdly satisfied way for the rest of the day. in fact maybe the week. Bad mummies are generally actually fab mummies :D


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