Sunday, 9 January 2011

Silent Sunday.... London

Picadilly Circus from the window of Ripley's Believe it or not!

For Silent Sunday.


  1. OMG. Ripley's is like the bible in this house...I may have to kill you now! Perfect post, perfect shot. :)

  2. OOOOOOO Lady you and I need to go out on the town sometime. I love this photo!

  3. Jay - we had such a fab time and after eating out last night decided on a total whim to go to Ripleys. It was 10.20pm and we were the only ones in there. It was awesome and there are some great window views of Picadilly.

  4. Wow, it doesn't look real. We are Ripley's fans too but I would never have guessed it was open at night.

  5. AhhH, London! TDK reminds me of the blank cassette tapes I used to tape the top 40 on. I wonder what they make now. Love the picture. Makes me feel retro, so perfect with the retro filter.

  6. Great shot!

    One day, one day my name will be in lights! Hahaha


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