Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Gallery - Children

What an amazing theme for this weeks Gallery, I must have nearly 10,000 photographs cataloging my children's lives stored on my computer - so many that I wouldn't even know to begin.
Last year I met some amazing children, who despite living a poor existence without any of the home comforts that our children take for granted were so bright and alive.

This cheeky trio loved posing for me in Bangladesh.

And this cheeky trio.... well enough has been said about them already!

I'm sure the whole universe knows about The Gallery by now - but if you don't then stop by Tara's blog to find out all about it.

Stop press...
Two hours after posting I got an "I am offended' message from No1 son on Facebook... I'm guessing he's feeling left out despite no longer being a child, so here he is too. I could have chosen to be mean but I love this pic of him on Hunstanton beach. I think he was about14.
You all know I have a full on blogger family. Sonny has been a bit slack of late but that's because he's up to his eyeballs in construction kits (Lego & MegaBloks etc) but ModelGirl has her new Canon and she's not afraid to use it. Do stop by her Gallery post and please do leave her a comment. When you are 9 comments mean everything to you (hell they do when you are 38, so if you want to leave me a comment include your blog url and I'll stop by).


  1. Aww what great pictures and some beautiful and happy children. x

  2. That first picture is ace. I love happy pictures. AND that second picture is ace too. Double aceness.

    God I dont half type crap sometimes ....

  3. Your children are gorgeous Sian! I also love the beautiful smiling faces n your first photo, proof that even when you come from a poverty stricken environment you are still able t smile :)

  4. Beautiful, I don't think I ever clicked that you had an older boy too.

    Love the picture of the children in Bangladesh, it amazes me how some children with so little have so much grace and generosity of spirit.

    Mich x

  5. Michelle, he's 20 now.. not at all like the pic but he blogs too.
    He's at uni doing photography.

  6. Hey, I just realised that Biba has got way more comments than you. Maybe it's time for the daughter to take over :) L

  7. I don't think I've ever been to your blog before, how much have I missed out on?! Your children are gorgeous!

  8. Dear FunnyGuy,
    I am priming her to take over but alas she is only 9. If she is getting more comments than me now imagine where she ill be in another 10 years?!

  9. TheBoyandMe,
    Where have you been? how did you find me? Do you blog? What is your url? Share it please.x

  10. I didn't realise you were such a blogging family! Great photos,

  11. my first time over, you have beautiful children :)

  12. I just popped over to you son's blog. He has some incredible shots in there, very talented . . . just like the rest of the family!

    The two shots in your post are incredible, truly shows that no matter where in the world you are, children will be children!

  13. So proud of you for what you're doing for the kids in Bangladesh. If you can capture smiles from them like those in the first photo, you're sure as hell doing something right :)

  14. Jay,
    Coming from my photographic hero that is great praise indeed!

  15. My god. Your eldest is the image of you!
    Sonny is just way to cool, seriously gorgeous family

    And happy, happy kids from Bangladesh

  16. I love this post Sian, that first photo is wonderful! As for your gorgeous bunch...fab!

  17. What a great post and beautiful pictures!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous photos Sian. Can understand why number one would be offended! ;)
    I'll have offended four of mine then..oops. X

  19. Funny that your son felt left out when usually the kids aren't keen we put photos of them in our blogs at all!
    I asked my son if I could use a photo of him this week. Permission was granted as long as he could choose which one!
    Also, have been keeping up with The King and I updates - one of my favourite musicals. Glad your girls survived the run and enjoyed every minute.

  20. Great pictures. Wonder if no1 son is now happy you've put a photo of him on there?!

    Been over to Model Girl and left her a comment already.

  21. Trish,
    Can't win whatever you do - I worked that out a long time ago. He's lucky I didn't post the one of him aged 4 in his beloved power Rangers suit!

    Thank you.x

  22. Such beautiful photos - I love how children are really just children - wherever you are in the world!

  23. An amazing collection of beauty Sian...the photos from Bangladesh to your gorgeous brood. You are a lucky lady and we are lucky to have you! ;)

    Mwah my dear...now go cuddle those babies!

  24. Love the fact your oldest slapped your wrist for not including him :)
    and those girls are just gorgeous


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