Thursday, 29 December 2011

What I Wore Wednesday : Christmas Girls

Christmas day in the To household and after a mammoth crimping session using Betty's new Babyliss Professional Ceramic Crimpers this was the result.

Biba wears : Jeans H&M, Poncho Jil Sander for Uniqulo, Trainers All Saints
Maxi Micro Scooter £92.95 : Name Plate £ : Wheel Whizzers £6.99 : Scooterearz handmuff £12.99 : Bottle Holder £9.99 

Betty wears : Happy Panda T Selfridges : Faux Fur jacket from Asda £10 Scooter bling as before.

For What I Wore Wednesday over on my pal Transatlantic Blonde's blog

Friday, 16 December 2011

Mummy-Tips Ultimate Christmas Song

I'm a bit bah humbug about Christmas to be honest - but I was tagged by Claire in the Ultimate Christmas Song Meme that is doing the rounds and if I was forced to choose one song it would be Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas. 
I feel that I should point out that I'm a Smiths fan NOT a Mariah fan but I am partial to Love Actually. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I'm tagging Ryan, Big Fashionista and Claire (it may make her blog)!

Fellow Smiths fan Dawnie Brown tweeted that she was disappointed I didn't go for a Smiths tune and she's right. Despite Moz being as much of a Bah Humbug as me, if its good enough for John Lewis then it's good enough for me - here's what it should sound like!
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want from my favourite Smiths album, Hatful of Hollow.
Dawnie - I'm tagging you too!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What I Wore Wednesday : Win Disney Vintage

OK, I'm cheating today but I've been feeling pretty rank for the last few days and for once clothes are the last thing on my mind.
So instead I'm giving you the chance to win this beautiful girls dress from The Disney Vintage Collection.
Handmade in the UK, Snow White fans will love the classic cotton dress with a beautiful vintage style print and a huge oversized bow.

The dress that I have to give away is an age 8. It will be perfect for a little girl aged from 6 to 8.
Disney Vintage Kit Dress is £85 exclusively from Selfridges.

Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway The giveaway ends on 20/12/11, if the winner responds with their details by return the dress will be posted on 21/12/11 and should arrive in time for Christmas.
UK Only.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Awesome New Xbox Features and the chance to win £200!

I get to do some pretty cool things because of my blog and without a shadow of a doubt the best thing in the world (according to my children) is that I'm an Xbox Ambassador.

Much to the annoyance of said children, last week I went for a sneak peek, pre launch demo of the new Xbox 360 dashboard features and to a slightly off the wall Twin Peaks style soiree with interesting entertainment!
I got a new dress to celebrate the update!

Fun and games aside the new voice controlled Xbox feature is awesome. Its everything that Siri should should have been and most importantly it works. 
No more arguments and endless searching for the remote because you can control all of your content, games, music, movies and sports by simply using your voice.

Other features in the update include integration with leading entertainment providers including Sky, Love Film and 4od, allowing you to enjoy movies and TV content right on your Xbox and the brilliant Bing search functionality.

I'm so impressed with the voice controls that I haven't even considered asking it any of the idiotic things that I continue to taunt Siri with on a daily basis. Which is odd.

I've got lots of fresh Xbox content for you over the next few weeks along with offers and treats for fellow geeks starting with the chance to win £200 in Amazon vouchers.
The survey is now closed.

Do you like my new dress?!

A Blogger Calendar For Me?

It seems like a lifetime ago when Jay and Tara had us lined up outside CyberMummy on that beautiful June day. They were shouting at us... a lot... well Jay was shouting at me a lot because I was being silly...

I know how much work they have both put into pulling this together - so thank you guys and also a really big thank you to Snapfish for agreeing to print it for them.

As the calendar is a super limited edition work of art they are making us work to get hold of one. Here's my offering, my blogger CV.

Name: Sian To

Started blogging : 03/03/09

Blogs : - first post : Who am I?

Big Eye Art Tumblr

Writes about : Life and geeky stuff

The Important Bits

July 2009 - BlogHer Chicago - my first trip to the USA

July 2009 - Inspired to launch a blogger event in the UK and CyberMummy was born

July 2010 - The first CyberMummy with 200 delegates

August 2010 - BlogHer NYC with Jay

August 2010 - Trip to Bangladesh as an Ambassador for Save the Children

September 2010 - Trip to the UN Summit in NYC as Ambassador for Save the Children

November 2010 - Joined Instagram

February 2011 - Blogladesh shortlisted for Media Guardian Innovation Award

March 2011 - I go to Downing Street!

June 2011 - CyberMummy part 2 with 400 delegates

September 2011 - Goodbye CyberMummy - hello Cybher. The new event for women bloggers is announced

October 2011 - I change my Twitter name from @mummytips to @geekisnewchic and launch new blog

May 12th 2012 - Cybher!!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mummy-Tips Gift Guide Part 2 - Geeks

Part 2 of my Christmas Gift Guide - The Geek Edition!

1.  Lego VW Camper Van,  £79.99 from Lego
Yeah, I know this is a grown up guide but who doesn't love Lego? If Santa popped this in my stocking I'd be one happy girl on Christmas day. There might not be a Christmas dinner but I figure I could do without the calories anyway.

2.  Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera, £229.99 from
I am loving this modern twist to the classic Polaroid camera. Its a bit pricey but what can I say? I love cameras!

3.  MiFi from Three, available on contract and pay as you go from Three
I never leave home without mine. It is quite simply one of the best tech gadgets out there and way worth the subscription. You can connect five devices at once so no one needs to be offline. 
I used mine to order a Tesco home delivery from the car on our way home from a two week holiday in Thailand. I ordered my weekly shop and it arrived an hour after we got home. Thats how handy it is.

4.  Xbox 360 with Kinect, £229 from (4GB console with Kinect Adventures)
If you thought Xbox was just for teenage boys and hardcore gamers you are way off the mark. Xbox is the best family console on the market (and I've owned them all). 
As well as playing all of your favourite games Xbox has some pretty cool new features that turn it into the ultimate media hub. 
Facebook, Twitter, 4 On Demand, Love Film, You Tube and Video Kinect. You can say adios to searching for the remote because you are the controller. Play, rewind, pause and watch. You tell your Xbox what you want to do and it does it.... and unlike Siri it actually does!
Disclosure: I am an Xbox Family Ambassador but I already owned an Xbox and only became an ambassador after begging them at length to have me.

5.  Fruit Ninja on Xbox Kinect, 800 points from the Xbox marketplace
If you've enjoyed Fruit Ninjas on your phone or iPad you will love this Xbox Kinect version. Beware though - you won't be able to move the next day as you use muscles that you didn't even know existed!

6.  Philips Fidelio DS3500 iPad Dock. £119.97 from
I searched high and low for an iPad speaker dock last Christmas but they hadn't made it to market. This year there are loads of them around. Biba has a Philips Fidelio dock for her iPod Touch and the sound is great - well it was till the cat chewed through the charger wire but that's another blog post all together.

7.  Micro Samsonite Scooter, £250 from Micro Scooter
How awesome is this? It gives me visions of carefree scooting around an airport instead of being laden down by my computer bag. I would LOVE one of these!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mummy-Tips Gift Guide Part 1 - Kids

I'm not going to spoil this with words. It is what it is... some of my personal top tips for gifts this Christmas.
This is Part 1 - Kids

1. Disney Vintage Kit Dress, £85 from Selfridges.
2. Tikkers Kids Bow Watch, £11.99 from John Lewis.
3. Moshling Zoo DS Game, £29.99 from Moshi Monsters.
4. Spyro's Skylanders Adventure, available on Xbox, Wii & PS3, £47.99 from Game.
5. Micro Scooters Wheel Whizzers, £6.99 from Micro Scooters.
6. Wing Kicks, beef up your sneakers! £12 from

Monday, 5 December 2011

What is Going on??

I've spent loads of time over the last few weeks researching which charities I want to include as partners at Cybher next year. I've spent hours watching heart wrenching movies and presentations- each one chipping away at me bit by bit. Then today I saw this.

And it took my breath away to see the hundreds of nasty, hateful comments it has sparked. People have accused it of being fake - a made up video performed by an actor. 
Does it matter if it is? 
I really hope that this boy is an actor and that he isn't suffering alone but either way bullying exists and if it isn't this boy there really is someone somewhere cutting themselves to pieces right now as you read this.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What I Wore Wednesday : Eclectic

This post is for my good friend Transatlantic Blonde's weekly What I Wore Wednesday meme. It's my first time so go easy on me!

Today I'm wearing...

Striped Slouchy T from the amazingly fab Mint Velvet £35
H&M Vest under T £3.99
Rick Owens Boots  (lets not mention the price)
Jill Sander skirt from at least 4 years ago
Chanel J12 watch (ditto with the price!)

Stop by Mint Velvet, they are great for basics that you can mix and match into your current wardrobe.

Find the other What I Wore posts on Transatlantic Blonde's linky.

Don't forget to stop by my new - non mummyblog and if you haven't already bought your ticket for Cybher you have until the end of November to catch the early bird rate. Don't leave it too late though... tickets are selling fast!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Today I'm Loving : Lamps

I'm clearly on a shopping roll - well window shopping at least. Today I need to share these beautiful lamps.
Biba is bunny mad and she has been begging and pleading for me to buy her one for at least three years. I'm a tough nut to crack because I know ultimately I will be the one doing the looking after and I just don't want another pet.
Hopefully she'll settle for one of these amazing rabbit lamps from White Rabbit England. Made here in England from bone china they really are beautiful. The light shines through when switched on to give the room a soft warm glow.

Next up is this cool apple lamp from Feather and Black. I fell in love with it when I visited their store a few weeks ago and ordered one for my office as soon as I got home!
It has an acrylic shell with a rubber stalk so perfect for younger children. The only problem with it is that it comes in three colours. It took me ages to decide which one to go with!

Back to White Rabbit England for my final spot of lamp love.
This beautiful hand painted cottage makes a perfect nursery nightlight. As the soft light glows from the windows you can see the little bunnies at home inside.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

iPhone Camera Essentials Launch

Since falling for my iPhone camera, my much loved Canon SLR has pretty much been left gathering dust. I  can't even remember the last time I took it out of the bag. 
Sad yes but I am so in love with my always present iPhone cam and all the amazing pics that I've taken with it, that lugging that extra device around just doesn't really do it for me.

When putting together the sessions and speakers for next years Cybher I really, really wanted some great iPhoneography content and with The Beginners Lens I know that I've found it.

If you have an iPhone and you love taking pics head over to their site NOW, because they've just launched the BETA version of and you can get a FREE subscription using this coupon code 1YFSUBS. Only the first 200 sign ups can use the code so get to it now... or wait till Cybher to meet the team yourself.

You can find The Beginners Lens on Twitter @TheBeginnersLFacebookYou Tube and on my beloved Instagram and in an ode to geek I have to admit that I found these guys after liking one of the pics they'd posted on Instagram. I like that!

Today I'm Loving : Micro Scooters

Micro Scooters have been a mainstay for my children. They've all graduated from Mini to Maxi Micro and hand on heart I can say that they have been one of the most used things that I've ever bought them. Their hands always freeze in the winter (cause even after 20 years of parenting I haven't worked out how to keep a pair of gloves for more than a week) so I was above excited to see these scooter gloves in the new Micro Scooters catalogue this week.

Micro Scooters

They attach to their scooter handles - so hopefully they won't get lost and at £12.99 they make a great stocking filler. Available in a range of colours from

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Today I'm Loving : Little Stomper Wing Kicks

I don't think it really get's any cuter than these awesome Wing Kicks from new children's shoe store Little Stomper.

They are handmade in the UK and come in a range of colours. The junior size are £12 and work up to adult sizes. I'm a 5 so I'll be bagging myself some before they sell out - and shipping is free!

I think that they make a perfect addition to any little (or big ones) birthday list.

Do like their Facebook page too.... for no reason other than I'm going to make Little Stomper owner, my good friend Claire buy me lots of wine in return!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Today I'm Loving : Feather and Black

A couple of months ago I was asked if I'd be interested in becoming a kids furniture tester for Feather and Black. After checking out their site I emailed straight back with a 'yes please'.

My younger children are 8, 9 and 10 and we are reaching the point of having to give their rooms a major overhaul. Their needs and interests have completely changed since we moved to this house seven years ago and I really didn't want to get sucked back in to Ikea flat pack hell.
I'm not dissing them - I love a trip to Ikea as much as the next person but their products aren't built to last and they are a nightmare to put together.

Enter Feather and Black.
I was given a choice of products from their Noah range to test and as both of the girls have been going on and on and on about having a desk for months it wasn't a difficult choice.
Betty was the lucky recipient and Yan was charged with the installation.
He hates putting things together - especially flat pack so the box did linger in the hallway for about a week before he got fed up of my nagging and took the box upstairs.

Ten minutes later he was back, declaring that the desk was the best piece of furniture that he'd ever screwed the legs on. That is high praise indeed.

Four weeks on and the Noah desk seems to have had a magical effect on Betty's bedroom.... it's tidy!

A Tripp Trapp makes the perfect chair for this perfect desk.

And she loves it. Every night when she gets home from school she goes straight up to her room to do her 'homework'.  
I love that she has suddenly taken an interest in keeping her room tidy and so for Christmas I've already bought her the additional Noah Desk Storage that fits neatly on top. She's going to love it.
As a slight aside from the desk review, I also fell in love with Feather and Black's beautiful bed linen and as Betty's made such an effort to keep her room tidy it went straight on to her bed!

Fingers crossed that the Feather and Black's tidy fairy is here to stay!

Noah Desk £195

I was given the Noah Desk to test and review.
I bought the Noah Desk Storage and the Patchwork bedlinen after seeing how fab the desk is.

Win a Stress Free Christmas Treat

Fancy a stress free Christmas? I know I do.... which is why I'm telling you about this great comp from LighterLife to win an exclusive London break.
The prize includes a £1500 pre paid shopping trip, a chauffeur to drive you around for the day so you don't have to worry about carrying all of that shopping before whisking you back to the Ritz hotel for a night in luxury accommodation with your loved one and a luxurious hot stone massage. I've had a hot stone massage - it is lush!

Visit and 'Like' their Facebook page to enter. I've checked it out. It's a properly run Facebook comp so go for it and good luck!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Please Help Save Beth's Life

I met a brave mother today who is fighting as hard as she can to save her daughters life and she needs as much help as she can.

Bethany is 14 years young and she's been battling Leukaemia since she was three years old. She's been through years of chemotherapy and is now desperately, desperately in need of a bone marrow transplant in order to survive.

Her family aren't giving up and they need your help to spread the word so that a suitable donor for Bethany can be found. But you need to act now or it will be too late.

Joining the register is really simple. Anyone aged 18-40 and in good health can sign up in minutes by completing this application form online, a saliva sample kit will then be sent out to you and if you are match - you could save Beth's life. Its that simple.

If you live in Leicester please go along to the screening session at The Tigers ground this Saturday 12th November between 12-4pm and please do share the 'Recruitment Drive For Beth' Facebook page with everyone you know. 

Hearing Bethany's brave mum tell her story was heart wrenching. Please help give this beautiful girl a chance to live.

If you do one good thing this week / month / year - let it be this.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Mummy Bloggers Beware

I make no secret of the fact that I'm a PR and sometimes it does makes conversations with my 'blogger head' on a little strained - but not often.
I will admit to having a folder in my mail application called 'Crap PR pitches', but thats for my own enjoyment and not something that I'd ever share.

The 'PR' me has subscribed to a service called Response Source since it launched X years ago and I've always picked up great national coverage for my clients through its daily alerts service. 
I say always but I really mean, always used to, as over the last twelve months or so the alerts have been flooded by bloggers (and I have to say mummy bloggers in particular) looking for free stuff to 'review'.

The bloggers using response source usually state their traffic and number of followers to boost their chances of landing the odd PR freebie or two and sometimes they post two or three requests in a single day - clogging inboxes even more. 

So, I've decided not to renew my subscription to Response Source because it takes so much time out of each and every day to wade through requests from bloggers on the blag.

But why am I telling you this?

Well I just sat down to go through today's 100+ requests and it looks like I'm not the only PR fed up by the constant inbox battering. The first message I looked at goes like this...

Is this the beginning of the end for the mummy blogger? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Simply Tap - Shopping in an Instant Competition

Its no secret that I'm an app geek and when I came across the fab Simply Tap this week I couldn't wait to share it.
Simply Tap is a new instant mobile checkout available on both iPhone and Android. It allows you to pay for things in seconds when you see something you like in magazines, out and about, online and in store. 

Its the sort of app that makes your life so much easier. Simply Tap offers you a secure way of paying for things through your mobile without having to enter card details, your address, your 4 digit pin and password and many other cryptic questions every time you use it. 
Essentially, you see what you want, simply enter the Tap Code into the app, and you've paid in an instant. You can find out more information on their Facebook page

The have some amazing offers to support their launch including these £15 boxes of Thorntons chocolates for just £5 and an eighty piece chocolate box for £26.99. You can check out all of their latest offers on their Facebook page.

You can download the app by searching for Simply Tap in the App Store.
To celebrate the launch Simply Tap have given me 10, yes 10 boxes of yummy Thornton's chocolates worth £15 each to give away to you lovely people. 

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lego Storage Head Review

It's no secret that we are a Lego mad house. All of us, the girls too, so when John Lewis asked if we'd like to review the awesome Lego Storage Head we jumped at it.
Over to Betty...

This is a great product, perfect for Christmas and if it means that I stand on one less Lego brick in my life then it has to be worth it!
The Sort and Store Head is available in store and online, priced at £39.95 (not £16,95 as stated in the vid, sorry we got confused but you can pick up the regular Storage Head at that price).
Now I'd like a stack of the standard Lego Brick shaped boxes please Santa! The 8 Stud Storage Brick is £22.95 and this really cool Lego Brick Alarm Clock is a bargain at £19.95.

Lego storage bricks
PS. It's my birthday next week!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Big Brother is Watching You...

It's true! And in a shocking turn of events, this time Big Brother turns out to be none other than the pint sized pop diva Lady Ga Ga.

For she has taken on and effectively gagged Hoxton based Mind Candy, creators of the globally successful Moshi Monsters from 'promoting, advertising, selling, distributing or otherwise making available to the public any musical work or video which purports to be performed by a character by the name of Lady Goo Goo, or which otherwise uses the name Lady Goo Goo or any variant thereon.'

If your children aren't into Moshi Monsters, you probably won't have a clue what I'm talking about but as the parent of three hardcore 'Moshettes' this story is nothing short of a scandal.

Gaga's lawyers claimed that children might not be able to tell GooGoo from Gaga. Yes seriously.

On the left we have Moshling Lady GooGoo, a dummy toting, nappy wearing inhabitant of the Moshi Monsters world. On the right we have Lady GaGa, a pop star who makes headlines by wearing dresses made from meat and recently announced that her alter ego is a panda.

Yep.... easy to see how my daughters might get them mixed up.

The success of Moshi Monsters should be applauded not dragged through the mud in this way. Their site is educational, safe and fun. It brings my children together as they work through puzzles and missions to gain access to new and exciting Moshlings. Together as a team, no other game they play does that.

At the risk of confusing you parents too I feel that I should point out that the video clip below is of the Moshling Lady GooGoo singing the offending Moshi Dance that sparked the controversy and has nothing at all to do with the American singer Lady GaGa. OK?

My girls meeting the REAL McNaulty (and his mummy).

Watch out Moshi Monsters - if Lady GaGa's alter ego is a Panda, perhaps Shishi's next on her list!

Top of my girls Christmas list is the new Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo game for Nintendo DS. out on 11/11/11, you can pre order your copy from amazon now!
We shall not be deterred. Moshi Monsters rocks!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Charity help request

Are you interested in helping UNISEF to road test a couple of fundraising ideas ahead of the campaign release dates?

The ideas are based around parents involving their kids in the lives of children in other cultures in a fun way, whilst also raising money - hopefully it's good for everyone; the charity raises money and the parents get to expose their children to the lives of other children in Africa. If you are a parent with children aged between 3 and 12, I would love to hear from you.

We're looking for people to test these in October half time and on Halloween (Oct 31st).  Please leave a comment with your details or email me for more information. mummytips [at] gmail [dot] com

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Help - My Movie of the Month

This time last week I was snuggled up with a group of girlie buddies for a private screening of the eagerly anticipated film adaptation of the best selling book The Help
The last time I set foot in a cinema with a group of girls was to see Back to the Future. It was so long ago that everyone still thought that Michael J Fox was hot. He wasn't and we were really only there to check out boys but that's another story.

I'm a reader by nature and I'm never satisfied by a big screen portrayal of a book that I've read but as I hadn't started reading The Help I was a blank canvas and ready for the journey.

Set in Mississippi in the 1960's, The Help is essentially a tale of female friendship and the ability to come together to create change. Only things were pretty messed up in 1960's Mississippi. White children raised by black maids only to turn into their parents and continue and expand on their racist ways.
Skeeter (Emma Stone), saw things differently and on returning home from college, determined to be a writer, set about interviewing the black maids so that their stories could be told.
After a bit of cajoling the maids have a lot to say and despite the dark undertones of the main civil rights story, The Help manages to be a feel good movie.

If you liked Fried Green Tomatoes and Driving Miss Daisy you'll love this movie. If you like tales of hope, of good over evil you'll love this movie.
What I took away from it is that friendships really can conquer all and a reminder that revenge is always a dish best served cold.

The Help opens in the UK on October 26th. Go see it.

Disclosure : 
Back to the Future was released in 1985. If you have 13 year old children DO NOT consider it OK to let them go to the movies with a group of their friends. Don't ask why - take my word...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Name Change Alert!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'm giving my blog a major makeover and today saw me move that little bit closer with a new Twitter name...

@mummytips has gone and I'll be tweeting at @geekisnewchic.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Cybher 2012 Schedule is Live

Things are really hotting up Cybher wise and I'm really excited about the amazing speakers that are already lined up for the first event next May.
Lots of people have been asking about the schedule and its now live for you to take a look at over on the Cybher site
More sessions will be added over the next few weeks as speakers are confirmed so please do check back. 
Early bird tickets are on sale at £80 until 30/11/11 and we have a deal in place with a hotel just around the corner who are offering single rooms to Cybher delegates for just £80 per night. These rooms are limited and are selling out fast. Full information is on the Cybher blog.

You can join the conversation on Twitter @CybherUK 

Lead - don't follow.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Want to win £250?

Of course you do! All you have to do to be in with a chance is complete this short survey from Dettol. The deadline for completed surveys is midnight (GMT) on 11/11/10 and the winner of the £250 will be notified by email on 14/10/11.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Full terms and conditions.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Help

I'm really excited to be going to a screening of the US box office hit The Help on Friday, review coming soon.

Have you read the book?

Join the conversation on Facebook.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

How To : Get the New Facebook Profile

You must have been hiding under a bush for the last week if you haven't heard about the new major Facebook update. Most of the  talk is pretty negative but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the new look and usability. Finally your Facebook profile looks like a real page rather than an outfit that was thrown together in the dark. 

The update will be rolling out from next weekend but if you're keen to get ahead of the game, here's how.

Difficulty rating : Easy
Time : 10 minutes

Step 1
Log into your Facebook account.

Step 2
Go to the Facebook Apps Developer page.

Hit allow to confirm permission.

Step 3
After confirming permission you land on the Apps page (below).

Top right corner - click 'Create new App'.

Step 4
Name your new app.

It doesn't matter what name or namespace you give to your app but the namespace does need to be at least 7 letters.
Hit continue.
Pass the security check by filling in the Captcha.

If you haven't already confirmed your Facebook account you will be asked to do so now. If your account is already verified tick 'I agree to the Platform Privacy Policy' and move on to Step 5.
You can confirm with your mobile number or with a credit card.
If using your mobile, put in your number and wait for the confirmation code to arrive by text.

Put in the code and confirm.

Step 5
Once verified you get this screen.

Click 'Open Graph'.

Step 6
You have landed on 'Open Graph: Getting Started'.

You need to define an action here but it can be anything. Here's an example you can use. 
In 'People Can' box write 'Read' and in the second box write 'book'.
Hit 'Get started'.

Step 7
Page 'Open Graph; Action Type: Read'

No info to add to this page. Scroll to the bottom and hit 'Save changes and next'.

Step 8
Page 'Open Graph; Object Type; Book'

No info to add to this page. Scroll to the bottom and hit 'Save changes and next'.

Step 9
Page 'Open Graph; Aggregation

Scroll down and hit 'Save'.

Step 10
Takes you to the following page.

Wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect. 

Step 11
Go to your Facebook Profile Page. 'Introducing; Your New Profile'

Hit 'Get it Now'.

Choose 'Take tour' to see your new profile in action or hit 'Publish Now'.

And here's how mine looks...

Have a go and if you get stuck give me a shout.

Please do come back and share a link you your snazzy new page in the comments.


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