Thursday, 16 December 2010

MummyTips and the Build a Bear's Sparkle all the way..

OMG - I cannot believe that I nearly missed this weeks Gallery.... and as it's 22mins past midnight I actually have missed it but better late than never...
Tara's theme this week is Sparkle and I was inspired by (copied) my friend Karin from Cafebebe...Please don't tell her...!!
She posted a beautiful pic of her Little Miss from a lovely day out we had courtesy of Build A Bear. My pic is a true rarity... Both of my girls in the same frame - without me having to engage even the slightest photoshop edit...
And they do truly Sparkle...

My wish for 2011 is that they learn to value, love and respect each other..... because I am fed up of their fighting!


  1. Ooh, you copied me! I'm flattered! Mwah xxxx The girls are sparkly and gorgeous, just like their Mummy!


  2. I think we all wish the same thing esp when we land up having to tell them off for fighting...great pix!

  3. Oh dear. Siblings fighting. But they look like the best of firends in that picture ;)

    Here's to a squabble free Christmas and New Year!

  4. They look happy together in that pic!

    Lovely shot. xx

  5. Wow! The girls are glossy and gorgeous. Both look happy together in that pic.
    Female Fertility


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