Saturday, 4 December 2010

The CyberMummy 100 Club

Last year a fellow blogger and I decided to pool resources and create a CyberMummy fund in order to give a few cash short bloggers the chance to go to CyberMummy. We both blogged and tweeted about it and lots of bloggers signed up to be in with a chance of winning a pass but only a handful of people donated. 
We were both disappointed. Our fund didn't have a set donation. We would have been happy with a couple of pounds, but it just didn't happen.

Disappointed but not deflated - here we are again. Ready to give it another go for CyberMummy11 with the CyberMummy 100 Club.

This is how it works.
You buy a number for £5. When we have all 100 numbers reserved we will ask you to pay your £5. If we don't sell all the numbers we won't ask for your money and we will skulk off and moan.
If we do sell all 100 numbers we will have £500 in the pot. Enough to buy six CyberMummy tickets at the early bird rate of £80. Those math gods amongst us will realise that 6 x £80 = £480 and that there will be £20 still sitting in the pot..... so I will then donate £60 to get another blogger a ticket. 

I hope you're still following...... so you choose your number from 1 to 100 and pledge to pay £5 into the fund. When all 100 numbers are taken we will then ask you to pay your £5. 
Once everyone has paid we will pick 7 names from our 100 using a random number generator.

To stake your claim on a number please leave a comment on this post with either your twitter name or you blog name and the number you want to take.
Numbers will be allocated on a first ask basis and a list will be compiled on this post.
All we ask is that you are honest and that you promise to pay your £5. It only takes one person to not pay and the 100 club falls apart.

If you already have sponsorship or a ticket but would still like to donate... no problem... if your number is chosen you can gift your ticket or choose to have another number drawn.

So come on secure your number before someone else does......

*** I've just added a post with numbers already taken. This will be updated daily. If the number you requested has already been taken I will email / tweet or message you to ask for an alternative choice. ***


  1. Ooooo very exciting can I please take number 13? Thanks x

  2. Count me in, number 17 for me please? Caroline x

  3. Put me down for nos 7, 12, 20, and 30. That's £20 in the pot to help some bloggers go to Cybermummy. If one of my numbers comes up I'll put the ticket back in the draw. OK?

  4. I'm in babe! As I already have sponsorship, if I'm lucky enough to "win", I'll happily gift it on!

    May I please have number 14!

    Wonderful idea! Love you,

    Cafe Bebe (

  5. Fab. Can I have number 31 please? x

  6. Please may I have number 55.


  7. Hmm which numbers? most of my fave ones have been taken ;-) by that naughty Liz (at least I know we'd be sharing a lottery win) ;-)

    I'll have 5, 10, 45, 50 and 75

    I'll also sponsor one blogger to go...

    Best of luck - great idea.

    Cara xx

  8. I'll take 42 pls. I think I already have sponsorship, so if I happen to win, I'll be gifting ticket on :)

  9. Great idea. I'll have number 33 please.

  10. Wow. Fabulous ladies. Thanks and keep retreating!

  11. Hello.I'm in for number 100 please.
    Top of the shop! :)

    Liz Weston aka @cambridgemummy

  12. Can I have No 1 please? Kellie's eye :)
    aka Kellie Whitehead
    Thanks x

  13. Can I please take numbers 9 & 88.

  14. AAh my fav number is taken. Please can I have no 12 the please.

    Thanks Ipshita xx

  15. Great idea, I'm hoping to have done enough sponsored posts to get the money into Paypal to be able to get a ticket soon but in the meantime I will have number 9 please. x

  16. I'm in! Please give me #42 and #11.

  17. Numbers 69 and 31 for me please (if theyr'e not already taken - I forgot to check) and if they're drawn to win they can be passed on, I would gladly see someone else get to come along :D

    FAB idea hon xx

  18. This is really heartening!! I'm really pleased our new plan is working.

    Count me in for a larger donation as well--would you like me to split the 60 with you or would it help to donate another amount? I'll only take left over numbers (if there are any!), then donate any tickets won on those numbers. DM me! x

  19. Love this idea. I'll take number 70 please.

  20. No. 28 please!! xx


  21. What a great idea! Can I have number 24 please? x

  22. I'll have no.4 or a lucky dip please. Thank you ;)

  23. Put me in for 56 and 16 or if either has already gone choose another number/s. Am not fussy and happy to help. Toolepip!

  24. My lucky number is 48. Good luck everyone!

  25. Well, I'm sulking. Someone staked out number 11...which is my lucky number!

    So I'll take 77 if it's not claimed and if it is...I'll just take a random number.

    GREAT idea by the way! xx

  26. I'll have number 18. If it's already taken, I'll let you choose for me - any will do!


  27. CAn I have number 49 please?


  28. Lovely to meet you at BMB lunch the other day albeit briefly :) I'll have number 66 please if it's still there


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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