Sunday, 5 December 2010

CyberMummy 100 Club Numbers

Here's the list of numbers already taken. Either comment on this post or over on the original post to stake your claim on a number. Each number costs £5 and when all numbers have been sold your payment will be due.
All I ask is that you are honest and that you only take a number if you are going to pay. This 100 club relies on honesty. It only takes one person to not follow through on their pledge for the whole thing to fall apart.
Selling 100 numbers for £5 each will create a fund of £500. This will allow us to buy 6 CyberMummy tickets (at the Early Bird rate of £80) and leave £20 in the pot. I will then top the fund up by an additional £60 to secure an additional ticket. 
So the odds are 14-1
Not bad for a £5 out lay.... 

1. @dubaiwriter  PAID
2.  @michelletwinmum  PAID
3.  SusanKMann  PAID
4.  TJ Hughes  PAID
5.  Cara @SnoozeShade  PAID
6.  BumpWear Claire (or whatever her name is this week)  PAID
7.  Living with Kids  PAID
8.  Freckles Family  PAID
9.  Deliciousnessy  PAID
10.  Cara @SnoozeShade  PAID
11.  Maternal Dementia  PAID
12.  Living with Kids  PAID
13.  Adventures of an English Mum PAID
14.  CafeBebe  PAID
15.  Mama Mcann  PAID
16.  Lord Dodo  PAID
17.  Scribbling Mum  PAID
18.  Rosie Scribble  PAID
19.  Mummys Shoes  PAID
20.  Living with kids  PAID
21.  Red Ted Art  PAID
22.  Alexander Residence  PAID
23.  A Modern Mother  PAID
24.  Amy Lane  PAID
25.  Not Such A Yummy Mummy  PAID
26.  angels and urchins blog  PAID
27.  Northern Mum  PAID
28.  @second_time_mum  PAID
29.  Marisworld  PAID
30.  Living with kids  PAID
31.  Christine Mosler  PAID
32.  English Mum  PAID
33.  Gingerbread House  PAID
34.  The Project Lab  PAID
35.  @Kahanka  PAID
36.  Mummy's Little Monkey  PAID
37.  A Modern Mother  PAID
38.  Tales from the Village    PAID
39.  Mediocre Mum PAID
40.  Naturally Mummy   PAID
41.  Being A Mummy  PAID
42.  Liveotherwise   PAID
43.  Super Amazing Mum  PAID
44.  Amy  PAID
45.  Cara @SnoozeShade  PAID
46.  Perfectly Happy Mum  PAID
47.  Lunarossa  PAID
48.  Maison Cupcake  PAID
49.  @BethGoodLife  PAID
50.  Cara @SnoozeShade  PAID
51.  Cherished by Me  PAID
52.  New Mummy  PAID
53.  Tiddlypompom   PAID
54.  Soph4Soph          PAID
55.  Mom on a Wire  PAID
56.  Lord Dodo   PAID
57.  All About Mummy   PAID
58.  Typecast  PAID
59.  Kelly Fairy  PAID
60.  Mumra  PAID
61.  Bumbling Along  PAID
62.  Prescli mags  PAID
63.  Hello its Gemma  PAID
64.  Kelly Fairy   PAID
65.  Not SuperMum  PAID
66.  veryboredincatalunya  PAID
67.  And then all I thought about was you  PAID
68.  Mumsrock  PAID
69.  Cosmic Girlie  PAID
70.  Sandy Calico   PAID
71.  Mummy and Monkey   PAID
72.  PeaBee72  PAID
73.  Julie B  PAID
74.  Moaning Mummy  PAID
75.  Cara @SnoozeShade  PAID
76.  Artistically Nuts  PAID
77.  A Modern Mother  PAID
78.  Vicky Phillips  PAID
79.  Diary of a first child  PAID
80.  SingleMummy  PAID
81.  Tasha Goddard  PAID
82.  Blotted Copy Book  PAID
83.  Mummy Mishaps  PAID
84.  MetalMummy  PAID
85.  Typecast  PAID
86.  Muddy no sugar  PAID
87.  Manda  PAID
88.  Deliciousnessy  PAID
89.  BabyGenie  PAID
90.  Safedreams  PAID
91.  SusanKMann   PAID
92.  @babysigningmum  PAID
93.  A Modern Mother  PAID
94.  Insomniac Mummy  PAID
95.  Childcare is fun  PAID
96.  Mummy Loves  PAID
97.  Notes to self  PAID
98.  @thebabybubble  PAID
99.  Mummy Walker  PAID
100.  Cambridge Mummy  PAID


  1. Fabulous idea - well done for organising!

  2. Can I have 88 too please.

  3. Can I be number 44 please?! fab idea xxx

  4. No. 2 please if it is not already taken, if it is then any number is fine really! Mich x


  5. Put me down for 4 spaces, and I'll donate my ticket if I win, since I will already be there!!!!

  6. Can i have number 60 please... x

  7. I have added this one to the Carnival I am hosting. keep up the good work dude!

  8. How did I know Jay would have #69?

    Stick me down for #82

  9. What a fantastic idea!

    Can you put me down for number 46 please?

    x Ella

  10. Can I go for number 34 please? Or if someone has beat me to it, any number will do. Cyber-mummy-to-be, Lucy (The Project Lab) x

  11. I will have one as well! Can I let you choose the number for me as I am not sure what's left available now?
    If I am picked I will donate the ticket as I already have one x

  12. Hi, Great idea. Can you put me down for no. 47 please? Many thanks. Ciao. A.

  13. I have a sponsor but I am happy to contribute to this so put me down for any number.

    If I happen to win I will do it as a giveaway on x

  14. Yes put me down for a number (whatever is left)- I'll donate it to someone via the blog if I happen to win
    Claire x

  15. May I have number 21? How do I pay?

    Thanks for organising it.

    Maggy x

  16. Can I have number 35 please? @Kahanka

  17. Put me down please , any number will do . Great idea

  18. Hi Sian,

    please may I have no 38, seeing as I'll be 38 by the time I get there next summer?

    R xx

  19. 29!!! Can I have 29 before anyone else takes it? It's the day of my birthday.
    If by the time you read this that number has gone too, please shut your eyes and choose one for me x

  20. Lovely idea. I'll take number 36 if it's still available - otherwise I'm happy for a random selection. Will give mine away on Mummy's Little Monkey if I win. xx

  21. Can I have 52 please. I have a sponsor so If mine is chosen please pick another.

  22. 26 please! Because that's my age (ha ha).

  23. I'd like 73 if it is still available, please- if not, any other number is fine. I've already got a ticket, so would probably do giveaway via the blog if I won.
    Great idea!

  24. FAB - Can you please put me down for 43. This is the only way I can afford to go unless I get a sponsor

  25. 62 please (or any number). This is the only way I can afford to go too!

  26. Hi can I have Number 73 please? Not a childhood longing for the tv programme but the year I was born. Thank you! Hx

  27. Could I have Number 84 please,
    Thanks, Hannah x

  28. Lovely idea. I'll take 81 and you can redraw if I win, as I have a sponsor.

  29. Can I have 94 please, and re-draw if I win as I have a sponsor too!


  30. I'll help. Any number will do :)

  31. Great idea, i'll take no. 90 and will donate if I win.

    We could also be persuaded to sponsor a blogger (ticket only though I'm afraid as we are a poor start up company).

  32. Hi can I take number 90 please? Thanks @jennypaulin

  33. Oh I see number 90 has gone! So I will take whatever number you pick! Xx @jennypaulin

  34. Can I have a number please? Don't mind what ever is left! Thank you xx

  35. ooops should leave my details I am @babysigningmum (louise!)

  36. Hello - somebody very fabulous is gifting two numbers to me.

    I would like 58 and 85 please if they are still available.

    Thank you :)

  37. Hello! I've been fortunate enough to gain sponsorship so will donate a fiver to help someone else go!

    I've never been before and am so excited!

    Good luck everyone!
    Number 95 please but if it's taken then any will do!

  38. 68 if possible - no reason, I've just noticed most of the others have gone x

  39. Many thanks for organising and thank you so much for finding me a number at the last moment.

  40. oh no, I didn't get my number but I'm so glad all the spots have been sold :)

  41. Hiya - want to pay how do I do this? Louise (babysigningmum)

  42. Hey there! I'd like to pay my fiver....where would you like the money sent? :) pleased you got all the numbers sold! Let's hope it all pulls through and works for you guys! x

  43. Just waiting for my email and I am happy to pay. Mich x

  44. im not the last to pay, hooorah!

  45. I want to pay but don't know how to???!!!!!!!!!
    Have I missed something whilst not being online for a few weeks over Christmas and New Year??


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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