Thursday, 16 December 2010

CyberMummy 100 Club - The Next Step

Hurray... all 100 numbers in the CyberMummy 100 Club have been sold. 
It was touch and go for a while there and I do apologise for turning tetchy and slightly neurotic but it seemed to do the trick. 
So the next step is getting all 100 £5's in. I do realise that this is going to be a mammoth task and I emplore you to pull out now if you think you might not be able to pay. By the very nature of the 100 club we need to get everyones money in before we make the draw.
Having mulled it over with my trusted advisors @michelloui and @secondofclarity we have decided on the two following payment options.

1. Paypal payment.
If this is how you would like to pay, please send me an email stating your 100 club number and your registered paypal address. I will then send you a funds request - you pay and you get a big red PAID mark next to your name!

2. Cheque payment.
If this is for you, pop me an email and I'll give you my postal address. If you are paying by cheque - please make sure you write your 100 club number on the reverse, or I won't know who it is from. As soon as I have your cheque you will also get a big red PAID by your name.

So your next step is to email me by clicking on the hyperlink to let me know if you will be paying by Paypal or by Cheque. When you email please use CyberMummy100 Club as the subject title and quote your 100 Club number so that I can keep a clean and tidy spreadsheet.

Now I do realise that it's Christmas and that not everyone has spare funds right now but the sooner we get the payments in the sooner we can pick our lucky winners. 
I'm going to set a payment deadline of 15/01/11 - which is one month from today. If you can't make that payment deadline please talk to me and we will work something out. The whole 100 Club relies on everyones honesty and I really don't want to resort to stropping and moaning to get the money in... I do enough of that already! 
Please leave a comment so that I know you have seen this... and don't forget to grab your 100 Club badge here, supporting our community is something to be proud of. xx
You can keep up with who has already paid here.


  1. I'll email in the morning! I've added it to my To-do list. At the top of course. x

  2. Am going to email you RIGHT NOW! PayPal for me please!

  3. oh and can I be put back into the mix, if I win I'm giving the ticket to my sister who has started blogging.

  4. Hi, have e-mailed you as well :) @Kahanka

  5. How very exciting that they've all sold! I've e-mailed you too! xx

  6. You might want to change your deadline date as the one you have at the moment is 11 months ago ;-)

  7. Thanks for pointing that out Nickie! All correct now!

  8. Ive sent an email with my paypal details!!



  9. Hiya - I emailed you...will pay as soon as I get your invoice xxx

  10. Just going to mail you now - Thank you so much again for arranging this. I'm away to put my lucky drawers on and won't take them off until the draw. Happy Christmas! Caroline

  11. I have sent you an email, will pay as soon as you request it. Thanks xxx

  12. Done! And very painless it was too (unlike, I suspect, like organising this!)

  13. Sian, I did email you a few days but have nto had anything back, am happy to pay as soon as I know where to go...

    Cheers Mich x


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