Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Vote Blogladesh!

Nominations are open for this years Mashable awards and this post is a shameless begging pitch to everyone who supported Eva, Josie and I throughout our Blogladesh trip. You cared enough to follow us and now we need just one more thing...

Please pop over to Mashable and nominate Blogladesh for a couple of their awards.... pretty please:)

The categories to nominate us in are.....
Most Creative Social good Campaign and Most Creative Social Media Campaign. 

Picture is of Yasmine, taken at the Ad-din hospital, Dhaka.

By voting for Blogladesh in the Mashable Awards you will be keeping our campaign alive. What we achieved with your help was amazing, your support gave us 'regular mums' a real voice and people stood up and listened to what we had to say. Save the Children is a unique charity and the work that they do around the world is nothing short of breathtaking. They educate, support and save the lives of children like Yasmine every single day.

You can vote for us in the Most Creative Social Media Campaign by clicking on the Mashable awards logo above.
And in the Most Creative Social Good Campaign by clicking the Mashable awards logo below. Simple!

You can vote every day... so if you have a spare 2 mins we would all appreciate it!


  1. How do we nominate? It looks like you add links so is there a link you'd prefer us to use? (I'm probably being dense. Brain has left the building today.) :D

  2. Jo, I've made it easier. Just click on the Mashable buttons. There is one for each category. xx


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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