Friday, 26 November 2010

To be or not to be....

I'm talking CyberMummy here of course...

Earlier this year (in the run up to CyberMummy10),  I was approached by a lovely community minded blogger who was desperate to help others raise the money they needed to get to CyberMummy.

We had a few long discussions about what we would like to achieve - we set up a donation link - we both blogged - and tweeted - like crazy.

The response was dreadful. Five people donated to the fund. I was one, she was one and we had three others.

We were both shocked and disheartened I have to say. We put a lot of time and effort into our little plan because we wanted as many bloggers as possible to have the chance to be at CyberMummy. All you had to do to be in with a chance of winning our prize fund ticket was post a comment and donate (if you wanted to.)

We had lots of people wanting to win - but only three people willing to put their hands in their pockets.

We were both sad that we only managed to scrape two blogger places to the conference - we both looked like this :(  :(

We didn't get it. It seems we are all too ready to ask, ask, ask but we're not willing to give anything in return.

So this year we are determined to make our 'mission' work and we need your feedback. Please be honest  - that is all we ask.
If we ran a 100 club would you be willing to pay £10 for a number? 
Obviously we would need to get 100 bloggers on board - but that's easy peasy.... right? We know enough bloggers to make a 200 or a 300 club ....

100 bloggers paying £10 each would enable 12 winners to go to CyberMummy. 

This is our little trial - if we don't get any takers we are both ready to skulk back to our corners of the blogosphere and retire from trying to help others.

Yes it's Christmas - but you really do have to give and take.

Comments please.....


  1. I'd go for that. And I'd go for publicising it too. Where do I donate?

  2. I would be willing to do this. If it hadn't been for the lovely people who donated I couldn't have went last year. And I loved it and appreciated every minute of it. I'd do anything to help. x

  3. I had my name down for help last year and would be more than willing to join in to help share the CyberMummy joy!! x

  4. I'd love to help, but I'm on maternity leave and my maternity pay has stopped. Things are tight and then add in the holidays and Blondie Boy's 1st birthday and £10 adds up :(

  5. I can't believe I knew nothing about this last year. I would be willing to pony up, but the message needs to be shouted from the rooftops too (which I will gladly help to do.)

  6. You know you can count me in! ;D

  7. I would be willing to publicise this and donate, but I am being sponsored again this year. I appreciate all the work and effort that went in to getting that sponsorship. Perhaps a raffle for people already sponsored or not needing a ticket with all the funds to go to your pot would help too

  8. I must say I hadn't heard of this scheme last year, I think maybe it comes at the wrong time of year for people, wouldn't it be better to do it in Feb or March when people aren't so tight for cash?

    Anyway, bah humbug aside. I will gladly chuck a tenner your way, so long as I can do it via paypal.

  9. I didn't see anything about your campaign, but then I quite often miss stuff not being part of BMB. I'd be happy to chuck a tenner into the pot for someone to go (via paypal). I'm going courtesy of Duplo.
    I have to agree with VBIC, I think it may be the wrong time of the year for people.
    C x

  10. As someone who would love sponsership but is not high profile enough to get someone to do it something like this may be my only chance.

    I would happily donate £10 , i could do it before Xmas but not for another 2 weeks or so .

  11. I'd not heard about this last year either. I was possibly living under a Hadrian's Walk shaped rock though. ;)

    I managed to get sponsorship this year without even asking for it, so I'd be more than happy to put a tenner into a pot since I'll be going FOC courtesy of my generous sponsor!


  12. I'm in! although I already have my ticket...teehee. Good idea to start it early and those who already have tickets who contribute just increase the chances of those who don't.

  13. I'll give you a tenner madame and I have to admit, I didn't know about the previous one either. I'm dim apparently! I am also sponsored this year so I figure my £10 will make someone else very happy indeed! I would agree to the Feb/March time tho...after Christmas is a bit tight for everyone??


  14. Count me in, I'd put £10 in for sure.
    I'm lucky to have a sponsor again this year so it's the least I can do - everyone come on!

  15. I didn't hear about this last year either :(
    I am going next year. I've paid for my own ticket, which I couldn't really afford, but I really didn't want to miss out again. And it's lucky I did as not only do I get to meet all you lovlies and learn more about blogging (and maybe raise my profile enough to be sponsored to go in 2012?!) but my spontaneous purchase, triggered a spontaneous marriage proposal, and I shall be becoming Mrs. H the day before!! How exciting!!

    I'm beyond excited about attending Cybermummy so I'd be more than happy to chuck a tenner your way to help others go and I will blog, FB, and RT like crazy to drum up some more interest.

  16. Going forward it may be better to offer the option to put an additional amount (fixed or variable) on the price of a ticket so people can contribute.

  17. Man, I would absolutely love to be able to do that but I really can't afford any monetary donations whatsoever right now with both Bob & I going without salaries right now.

    I would LOVE to publicise it as much as I can though - I had no idea this idea had even come to fruition, I think it's really lovely.

  18. I would love to donate, but aren't able to do so at the moment due to hubby having been off work for the last 6 weeks :(

    I'd love to take part next year though if finances are better. I'd be interested in knowing more about how you get sponsorship if anyone would like to email me direct.

  19. Just noticed the CyberMummy guide to sponsorship and will check that out, thanks!

  20. Great idea, Saw this from Mostly Yummy tweet. I am only a small business and profit is low but I would be more than happy to donate £10 to be in with a chance of a ticket. I paid for cybermummy last year but it was really expensive with travel and tiring day. Can't afford it this year, praying for a sponsor. I would also be happy to donate a RL Polo shirt for a raffle or something if you want one : )

  21. Count me in for this - I'd love to go, so I'd defo be part of this if it went ahead x

  22. I have got sponsorship and would be happy to put £10 into the pot. x


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