Thursday, 18 November 2010

Little Mummy's guide to getting a CyberMummy sponsor

This is new for me - my very first guest post! I'm handing my blog over to Erica from Little Mummy who is sharing her tips on how to bag a CyberMummy sponsor.

Hello! Sian has asked me to put together some tips on getting a sponsor for Cybermummy. So here are my tips based on what I did.

Writing Your Pitch

1. Explain briefly why you're writing your pitch and what you're looking for sponsorship for.

2. Be specific about how much you need and what the money will be spent on.

3. Describe what you will offer the potential sponsor using bullet points. These should be specific points of value not 'I'm an awarded winning blogger', because although that is very impressive it doesn't say in business terms what benefits that will bring to your potential sponsor.

4. Remember that the point of sponsorship is that it's a mutually beneficial deal, nobody is doing anyone a favour so to speak. Ensure that the value of what you're offering meets the cash value you're asking for, or preferably exceeds it a bit. This way sponsors can be sure that even if you've accidently over-valued one aspect of the deal that overall it balances up.

5. Where possible assign a value to each service you'll provide, however don't just make values up. My own values were based on what I would charge for each service and where the value was unknown I said so.

6. Keep the pitch brief and to the point, professional but friendly.

Here's my pitch feel free to copy whatever bits you want from it. I do draw the line at you using the title 'Join Team Littlemummy' though ;)

Promoting Your Pitch

1. Post your pitch on your blog and promote via your usual channels (twitter and facebook etc..)

2. Contact any PR's or companies that you have worked with in the past along with any that you're currently working with. Do not go into detail about the sponsorship, mention you're looking for sponsorship and direct them to your post. If they're interested they'll read the pitch post!

Negotiating the Sponsorship Deal

1. Be prepared to negotiate the specifics. If the sponsor doesn't want a banner ad and would rather an additional blog feature then that's a fair compromise in my opinion. If they start asking for Granny's china then perhaps not :)

2. Be ready to demonstrate the value of your offering. This is your chance to mention that award you won, your top ten place and how many twitter followers you have.

3. You may be asked for stats. Be ready to provide what you have and just be honest when you don't have the stats they're asking for (try and demonstrate your value in other ways)

More Than One Sponsor Offer

I found myself in the fortunate position of having two potential sponsors. If this happens to you, you need to decide whether you're going to adopt the 'show me the money' or the 'first come first served' strategy.

1. Show Me The Money

First one to pay closes the deal. The easiest way but you may end up alienating one party and destroying future chances of sponsorhip or advertising with that party.

2. First Come First Served

You honour your first approach until they've made a decision. More difficult to manage without potentially losing both deals. On the plus side you maintain good relationships.

What I did...

I used the second strategy. On receiving a second sponsor I went back to my first approach and informed them that I'd had another approach and that please could I have a decision by 6pm.

I ended up going with my second approach but I also emailed my other approach to inform them politely of the situation. I was careful to keep the door open for future opportunies and I also mentioned that if they still wanted to sponsor someone for Cybermummy then I'd be happy to put them in touch with another blogger.

I think this approach turned out to be the best one as not only do I have a fantastic sponsor in Next Day Appliances but I've also left the door open for future opportunities with the other party and the chance that I may be able to secure sponsorship for someonelse.

This was a little more work but it resulted in a win-win all round.

Closing the Deal

1. Once you've gone through the specifics it's time to close the deal. My advice is to ask for the full amount up front by cheque or paypal.

2. Be very efficient in honouring your end of the bargain. Not doing so will only hamper your chances of getting sponsorship for future events and for everyonelse in the community.

Ok, I think that's all. I hope that didn't sound too preachy, just what I learned throughout the process.

Good Luck and I'll see you at Cybermummy!

Erica Douglas


  1. What a great post. Thanks for the hints and tips. I'm going to give it a try. x

  2. I second that was wondering how to approach this thanks for sharing ladies :-)


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