Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Black and White - The Gallery

I've been slacking of late when it comes to The Gallery. No excuse really, it's just that life really has got in the way. The girls 30 mile round trips for the King & I rehearsals are about to turn into double hell as the show starts its run. A show, every other day for seven weeks..... It tires me just to look at them now - fuelled by the thrill of taking to the stage in full regal attire..... for 7 weeks!
So... black and white...
John Lennon's memorial - taken on my ride around Central Park with @CosmicGirlie. Such a lovely setting, ruined only by the multiple tourists that Jay had to fend off in order for me to get this clear Hipstamatic shot.

On the nest bench, was this man.....

We liked his sign but really and truly didn't think he would be at all pleased if we interrupted his sodoku for love, hugs, peace or beer..
Jay this ones for you my lovely...


  1. *SOB* How much do I love you, lady. That trip round Central Park was one of the BEST. MOMENTS. EVER.

  2. Both very emotive shots - the second one made me chuckle.

    Break a leg to your girls. I know how they must be feeling: I've been involved in local musicals for the last eight years, including The King and I. Very exciting and show week is just magical. Though I warn you they will be hyper when they come back after each performance!

  3. Both are delightful memories for you and so well shot.

    As for the round trip journeys, maybe you should be all "Hollywood" and take up residence in Leicester for the 7 weeks??

    Love ya lady! :)

    Mwah xx


  4. Oh, so sweet :) kind of... that second photo! Certainly made me smile - though the thought of giving a hug to him... urr, might have to pass on that!

    Good luck with the 7 weeks of ferrying your daughters around... I have 3 little girls that are all showing a keen interest in drama... uh oh - I should just go out and set myself up as a cab driver right now!

  5. Great interpretation, Sian, both shots are great ;)

  6. Fab shots for very different reasons. I love the angle of that first one, gorgeous.

  7. Great photos. Particularly like the one of 'Sudoku man'...

  8. Awww. Are were accepting Jay into the sisterhood? ;)

  9. Fantastic photos they are awesome. And such good subjects.

  10. Great pictures , love the one of the old guy.

    Good luck for your daughters , it really makes me tired just thinking about it

  11. I would give him a beer no problem, not too sure about thehug though.

  12. Hipstamatic is so brilliant. I love the fact you never quite know what you're going to get. Both these pics are atmospheric and memorable.


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