Saturday, 23 October 2010

Very good......

Loads of my friends are having babies at the moment and on top of that it's full on birthday season in our family. Yan and FunnyGirl are done but over the next few weeks we are really packing them in and I'm hooked on producing cool and funky pressies that no one else has thought of.
So with all of these new babies in mind I've been looking for cool baby clothing and I stumbled on and these really cute bits for little ones.

I LOVE, this Diesel baby gilet  and at £65 I think that's pretty cool. I've always favoured a gilet over a full on snow suit for a baby as it's so much easier to deal with when they fall asleep in a car seat.

For a newborn gift you can't really go wrong with a multi use blanket and this one from Tommy Hilfiger  For a new baby gift you can't really go wrong with a baby blanket and this one from Tommy Hilfiger is  pretty good for £40. I'm not a huge Hilfiger fan but this blanket rocks.

A staple item in FunnyGirls wardrobe has always been a furry coat and this one from Ladybird is a bargain at £16

Then I came across this little frock. I love it - OK so it has more than a nod to Fake london styling but I love it all the same - just gutted that my girls are way too big for it! Mammas and Pappas knitted tunic £27

So that's the little ones sorted but what about the bdays in my house?
Stay tuned.......

Do you have any other hidden gem sites that you think are worth stopping by?

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