Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Stocking Filler Suggestion #1

Did you know that there are only 60 days left till Christmas??!! No? I didn't either till I googled it this morning and then instantly regretted doing it! 60 days..... OMG....

So perfect timing to review this 3D drawing pad kit from John Lewis then!
We vlogged it......

It's a rare thing that keeps all three of my children equally entertained but this did it. It makes a great stocking filler for children of all ages and at £3.95 it's a great price too. It would have been an advantage for it to have more than one pair of glasses but not a deal breaker as we just pulled a couple of pairs from Street Dance 3D!

Available from JohnLewis.com


  1. Loving your kids, love that Sonny drew a bar..off to Johnny Lewis (as my 4 year old calls it) to get some. Fab

  2. Am smugly well under way with Christmas shopping! This is a great addition to the list, have added it to my gifts iPhone app (geek alert).

  3. Lovely to see your kids in action, bet they love being famous! Ooooh Youtube looks like another toy I will have to play with, and 3d drawing pads too.
    Thanks for your comment at mine


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