Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Logo Game Review...

Courtesy of Toys R Us and @TRUtoyologists...

I love this game. It's a real get the family together fun activity. We have a lot of strong characters in our house - so more often than not someone ends up having a major strop - but that's all part of it! As I said on the movie, it really is great for all ages. The box says ages 12 to adult but so long as your little one has an adult on their team they will answer way more questions than you would imagine. A testiment to the power of advertising for sure - but a great game.


  1. I love what Betty (?) says at the end: "Mummy.... can you just cut that?" (Hand over lens).
    A diva in the making, that one!

  2. Classic isn't it?! She wanted me to cut it till I explained to her that it was the best bit!!

  3. Love the video review. I would also love that game although it would be slightly more challenging for me as I've only lived here 5 years.

    Also, I noticed a strange tomato substance in the kids' bowls...were there NOODLES too??? :D



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