Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Gallery........ Favourite Photo

Everyone knows that I love The Gallery, Tara has been an inspiration to our whole community pulling us together week after week to share a little piece of our lives.
I have to say that I find it really hard to pull my entry together for a theme like this as I have so many pics that I love with all my heart.
This week I have taken a dive into my archives and pulled out this shot of TotallySonny when he was so cute that I could have easily eaten him - not in cannibalistic way you understand.....

This is Sonny aged about 8 months on holiday in Thailand. For the first time in my life I found myself in a stable loving relationship with a husband and a family and I was living the life that I always wished for. A far cry from the depression, worry and hard times I'd encountered as a first time mum ten years before.  I love my children with all of my being and I am so proud and happy to be loved by them back.


  1. That is just gorgeous Sian: photo and words.
    This is why I personally love The Gallery so much; it reveals so much about the bloggers I read. As if adding words to a photo make them think that little bit more or makes that just that little bit more introspective.
    Anyway, I love it. And love you for being so very very supportive. I do truly appreciate it x

  2. That is such a gorgeous picture! Those eyes are so piercing even at such a young age.
    Really lovely post and great picture!

  3. It's a beautiful many memories are brought to life by photos. Lovely. :)

  4. A lovely happy story, sis. Cute shot. x

  5. What a gorgeous photo and such a happy positive story to go with it. Thanks for sharing. x

  6. What a lovely photo and I love the background story that goes with it. xx

  7. Gorgeous photo! I love that The Gallery gives us all these little peeks into each other's lives and pulls us all together!

  8. What a beautiful photograph and lovely words too x

  9. Oh this is so gorgeous, lovely boy, lovely shot, lovely lovely words....Hugs to you xxx


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